Trump’s massive Medicaid cut would put 1.2 million Wisconsinites at risk


AHCA was expected to cut federal Medicaid funding for Wisconsin by about $1 billion over 10 years, but it wasn’t expected to have a significant effect on federal Medicaid funding in Wisconsin’s 2017-19 budget. However, Trump’s proposed changes to CHIP would blow a big hole in that budget. > Urban Milwaukee

Wisconsin pays nation’s lowest rate to defend poor. Lawyers say it’s time for a raise.


Wisconsin’s $40-per-hour rate for private lawyers accepting indigent defense appointments ranks lowest in the country. Prominent lawyers say the rate — which is the same as it was 25 years ago — is so low that the state’s most competent attorneys often don’t take the cases. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Budget committee approves drug testing for more public benefit recipients


Participants in some work experience programs are already required to undergo drug screening and testing in order to preserve their eligibility. But a proposal approved this week by the Republican-led budget committee expands that requirement to three more employment programs administered by Wisconsin Works, the state’s replacement for welfare. > The Cap Times

The ways Trump’s budget would hurt Wisconsin’s poor


President Trump’s budget slashes nutrition, health care, and other help for hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin residents, which would shift massive costs to Wisconsin at a time when our state is already struggling to meet needs for education, transportation, and other services. >

Getting to the doctor: How a 2011 policy change affects Wisconsin Medicaid recipients


Navigating health care can be a stressful challenge, particularly for those with low incomes. It’s even more challenging if you can’t drive yourself to the doctor. Some are claiming that a 2011 change to the Wisconsin Medicaid system made it harder for people with low incomes to access transportation to see their doctors. > The Cap Times

Trump budget would hurt Wisconsin’s poor, elderly and disabled


President Trump’s forthcoming budget plan to cut Medicaid spending by more than $800 billion would badly hurt Wisconsin’s ability to care for the very poor, disabled and elderly residents served by the program, local advocates said Monday. The Trump administration is set to unveil its fiscal year 2018 budget proposal Tuesday. > Wisconsin State Journal