Gallagher to Trump: Stop wasting time on NFL culture wars and focus on real issues


President Trump and his Republican allies reportedly plan to use his divisive culture war attacks on the NFL players’ #TakeAKnee protests to energize their conservative base this November. But Wisconsin’s freshman Republican Congressman from Green Bay has had enough. > Think Progress

Walker making anthem protests a campaign issue


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker can’t leave NFL player protests alone. Walker’s reelection campaign has launched on on-line petition and digital ad campaign, targeting players who take a knee during the pregame national anthem. > Wisconsin Radio Network

Walker launches online petition to pressure NFL players to stop protesting


Friends of Scott Walker has launched a petition to pressure the NFL and its players to stand for the national anthem and stop protesting. “It is time for players in the NFL to stop their protests during the National Anthem. Instead, I’m encouraging them to take a stand against domestic violence,” the petition says. > Madison365

Walker’s poor attempt to score political points


State Sen. Lena Taylor and Milwaukee state Rep. David Bowen, two of Wisconsin’s few African-American legislators, offered choice words on Gov. Walker’s recent decision to weigh in on the ongoing controversy over NFL players taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem. > Cap Times

Walker to NFL: Stop ‘divisive’ anthem protests, stand against domestic violence instead


Gov. Walker sent a letter Monday to the National Football League and the NFL Players Association with what he called a simple request: that players stand during the national anthem and instead use their platforms to stand against domestic violence. > Cap Times

Johnson: Players should stand for anthem

Sen. Ron Johnson

Sen. Ron Johnson says the dispute over football players kneeling during the anthem is divisive and he wishes people would go back to a time when they showed respect for their country. He added, however, that President Trump should concentrate on serious problems. > Associated Press