Duffy faces health care questions at Antigo town hall

U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wausau) said he believes Republicans have only a three- to four-week window to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Duffy made the comment at a sometimes boisterous town hall Tuesday in Antigo, where he was asked repeatedly about the health care law Republicans failed to repeal and replace in March.  >  Wisconsin Public Radio

Wisconsin among 14 states defending executive order to reduce regulation

Attorney General Brad Schimel and West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey are leading a 14-state coalition urging a federal court to uphold the “1-in-2-out” rule, which aims to eliminate unnecessary and costly regulation by requiring the federal government to do away with two regulations for every new rule it creates.  >  Wisconsin Dept. of Justice press release

Join the Resistance School’s online training Thursday, or watch their sessions at your leisure

A group of Harvard students launched The Resistance School to combat Trump, offering four live-streamed classes to any interested person with an internet connection. Although they’re up to their third class tomorrow (Apr. 20), the first two sessions are available to watch online anytime, as the third and fourth sessions will be after they’re completed.  >  Resistance School

Ossoff’s successful Georgia run promising for Dems, but likely not transferable to most of Wisconsin

Jon Ossoff’s primary win in Georgia yesterday is a good sign for Democrats — and a good test case for areas of the country where Hillary Clinton did unusually well. But they should be wary before using Ossoff’s campaign strategy as a template for the rest of the country. To win in districts President Trump dominated in 2016, Democrats would be well advised to adopt better class politics.  >  THE WEEK

Want that mortgage interest tax deduction? Pee in this cup first.

I propose we extend this principle even wider than Gov. Walker suggests. There are millions of moochers sucking off the government teat, getting benefits they didn’t earn. So we ought to drug test them too. I speak, of course, of the millions of Americans benefiting from the mortgage interest tax deduction.  >  Paul Waldman in THE WEEK