Getting arrested: Democrats’ bold new strategy to defeat Paul Ryan

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It’s easy to forget mustachioed ironworker Randy Bryce has to win a primary before he can take on Speaker Paul Ryan in November, but he does. And both he and opponent Cathy Myers were hauled away in handcuffs near Ryan’s Racine office last week as they protested the speaker’s immigration policy. > Washington Examiner

For the first time, elections forecaster rates Ryan’s seat as less surely Republican


Election experts from the University of Virginia announced this week that the potential blue wave is threatening even House Speaker Paul Ryan’s seat. Sabato’s Crystal Ball rates every House seat nationwide and, for the first time, has downgraded Paul Ryan’s seat from “Safely Republican” to “Likely Republican.” > Urban Milwaukee

Who is Cathy Myers? Meet Paul Ryan’s only female challenger


Myers announced she was running in June 2017. Betsy DeVos’ confirmation was the final straw for Myers, who’s been a high school teacher for 24 years. But it was the Women’s March on Washington, highlighting the gender gap in politics, that was the tipping point. > Elite Daily

Bryce calls for single-payer health care, minimum wage hike, Social Security expansion


Speaking to a room full of machinists Monday, Democratic congressional candidate Randy Bryce detailed an economic platform that includes raising the minimum wage, expanding Social Security and implementing single-payer health care. Bryce, along with teacher Cathy Myers, is one of two Democrats seeking to unseat Speaker Paul Ryan. > Cap Times

Bernie Sanders campaigns for Randy Bryce in Racine


Two years after running for president and winning the Wisconsin primary but falling short of the Democratic nomination, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders returned to the Badger State to campaign for Randy Bryce on Saturday. > Racine Journal-Times