From welfare to Congress, Rep. Gwen Moore talks about her fight against poverty

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Rep. Gwen Moore tells of her journey from poverty to Congress, and how Bill Clinton’s welfare reforms and corporate Democrats refusal to deal with chronic poverty has allowed the GOP to obstruct legislation that would bring millions out of deep poverty. Watch the video interview or read the transcript here. > Real News Network

Rep. Gwen Moore holding town hall Monday in Milwaukee


U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore will be holding a town hall Monday evening to discuss the federal budget and how much comes to the 4th District. The event will be held in Washington Park, Milwaukee, from 5:30-7:30 pm. The fullest details can be found on her Facebook page, with limited location details at the Town Hall Project.

Rep. Gwen Moore hosting ‘Path to Citizenship’ workshop Saturday


U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore will hold a workshop Saturday, June 17, on how to apply for citizenship, how the process works, and how to register to vote. The Milwaukee event will include resources tables from agencies serving the immigrant community and free consultations with an immigration attorney. Details on Facebook or at this link.

BlueWisconsin infographic: Which Wisconsin legislators reach across the aisle most and least?

Based on the annual Bipartisan Index released every spring by the Lugar Center, this BlueWisconsin data graphic shows how bipartisan (or not) each of Wisconsin’s congressional legislators were in last year’s congress.

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Moore joins Dem commission to counter Trump’s voter fraud commission


Two weeks after President Trump announced a commission to investigate illegal voting, Democrats are responding with a new effort to highlight voter suppression and debunk claims that voter fraud is a widespread problem. The Commission on Protecting American Democracy from the Trump Administration is part of the DNC’s new Voter Protection & Empowerment Unit. > Huffington Post

Bipartisanship scores for Wisconsin’s DC legislators, with a Dem topping the list


Each spring, the Lugar Center releases its Bipartisan Index for U.S. Senators and Representatives of the previous congress. Among Wisconsin’s scored legislators, Rep. Ron Kind was the most bipartisan, followed by Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner. Rep. Glenn Grothman ranked almost dead last for the House, but most of Wisconsin’s Dem legislators scored negatively as well. > Wisconsin State Journal

How Wisconsin’s congressional delegation voted in DC last week

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See how our U.S. House Reps and Senators voted on bills last week involving Russian election meddling, death sentence expansion, disclosure of Trump’s tax returns, warrantless arrests by probation officers, the Rachel Brand appointment for Assoc. Attorney General, and the Jeffrey Rosen appointment for Deputy Transportation Secretary. > Wisconsin State Journal