Democrats’ gloves come off two months away from primary for governor

Most of the 10 Democratic gubernatorial candidates seeking to advance in the primary  have largely stayed away from criticizing each other publicly. But with fewer than two months left before the election, some candidates are starting to turn on each other. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Democrat Mahlon Mitchell’s political career forged in fire of Act 10

Wisconsin Public Radio continues its series of spotlighting all 10 major Democratic candidates for governor with a profile on Mahlon Mitchell, whose political career began during the 2011 Act 10 protests. Now, the firefighter hopes to use union power to oust Gov. Scott Walker.

Liberal group winnows its Democratic gubernatorial picks to four candidates


A liberal group whose members include supporters of Wisconsin’s 2016 presidential primary winner, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, has winnowed its picks of Democratic gubernatorial candidates to four, based on an online vote. > Wisconsin State Journal

Are Wisconsin Dems borrowing from Trump’s playbook to stand out in crowded field?

Conservative columnist Christian Schneider suggests in the National Review that just as Candidate Trump used vulgarity, insults, and half-cooked media stunts to differentiate himself from his primary opponents two years ago, so, too, are Walker’s Democratic challengers in 2018.

Commission sets order for Dem governor candidates on primary ballot

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 5.44.17 PM

The state Elections Commission has set the primary ballot order for the 10 Democrats running for governor. The order is important because the top spot holders will enjoy an advantage in a field so crowded voters might not read to the end of the list. > AP News

Union leaders rallying for Mitchell say this time is different

Embracing the label of “union boss,” state firefighters president and Democratic candidate for governor Mahlon Mitchell rallied organized labor supporters Monday, urging them to unite to elect him in August and then defeat Gov. Scott Walker. > AP News

Progressive groups propose a whittling strategy to pick a nominee — and a governor


A pair of statewide groups that have built on Bernie Sanders’ 2016 energy have developed a strategy to help progressives clarify the competition for governor. Through ranked-choice voting online, the “Wisconsin’s Choice” project aims to pick a progressive candidate to endorse, with a narrowing of the field to four this week. > Cap Times