Wisconsin Republicans approve Medicaid work requirement in lame-duck session

Wisconsin Republicans’ approved lame-duck maneuvers include a bill to enact a work requirement for some Medicaid participants. The bill codifies into state law a work requirement for able-bodied, childless adults under age 50 who are insured through BadgerCare, a policy Gov.-elect Tony Evers said last month he was considering ending. > Cap Times

Evers considers ending new work requirement for BadgerCare health program

Gov.-elect Tony Evers is considering ending a new policy that will require some people to work to receive health insurance through the state’s BadgerCare Plus program. Even if Republican lawmakers strengthen the requirement during a lame-duck session before Evers takes office, Evers said he will review ways to limit the requirement. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Leah Vukmir peddling Donald Trump’s snake oil

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When U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin and her conservative challenger, Leah Vukmir, faced off  in their first debate, Vukmir’s talking points on health care came straight from the president, who is claiming that building on the successful model of Medicare “would eviscerate Medicare.” > Cap Times

Checking facts: Would ‘Medicare for All’ really double every American’s tax bill?

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During a Sept. 4. 2018 interview, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson said about a single-payer health care system: “You could double every American’s tax bill and it still wouldn’t pay for it. It sure sounds good: ‘Free health care for everybody.’ But it’s not free.” Is Johnson right about a doubled tax bill? > Politifact Wisconsin

The history of “Medicare For All”

The fight for universal health care is not a new one. But the wave of Democrats campaigning on “Medicare for All” represents the most mainstream political support the idea has had in decades. > Axios

Medicare for All gains momentum as major Democratic election issue


The current Medicare program is so popular that attempts to change it have been described as the “third rail” of politics — so contentious and charged that it’s politically untouchable. Likewise, expanding to Medicare for All was once thought to be a lethal election-year issue. Not so much anymore. What’s changed? Bernie Sanders. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Duffy challenger Engebretson wants ‘Medicare for everybody’

As one of two Democrats vying for the nomination to run against incumbent Republican Sean Duffy for Congress, attorney and Navy veteran Margaret Engebretson says she would work for a federal health insurance program for everyone. > WXPR Rhinelander