Scott Walker, in fight for political life, slow-walks Medicaid work rules

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker sought for years to put Medicaid recipients to work. Now federal officials have given him most of what he wanted, but he’s delaying the process for fear the changes will doom his flailing reelection bid, say three federal officials familiar with the deliberations. > POLITICO

Wisconsin hospitals see unpaid medical bills rise to $1B


Wisconsin’s hospitals have seen an increase in unpaid medical bills that’s topped a billion dollars, according to a report by the Wisconsin Hospital Association. The report found that 150 Wisconsin hospitals had a total of $1.1 billion in uncompensated health care services in 2017, up 14 percent from 2016. > AP News

Hintz says Medicaid expansion compromise in Wisconsin is possible, Vos says ‘never’

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos was adamant on Tuesday that the federal Medicaid expansion will not be a compromise issue, even if Assembly Republicans find themselves working with mixed government. But Assembly Minority Leader Gordon Hintz said he thinks there is room for creative compromise. > Cap Times

Evers says he hopes to implement ‘BadgerCare for All’ program by end of first term

Democratic candidate for governor Tony Evers said Friday he would like to make BadgerCare available to all Wisconsin residents by the end of his first term, although he did not commit to doing so. “At some point in time the public option has to be there,” Evers said. > Cap Times

Dem governor hopefuls see winning issue in Medicaid expansion

Democratic candidates for governor in red and purple states are going on the offensive on Medicaid expansion, betting the ObamaCare issue will resonate with voters. In ads and speeches in states including Wisconsin, Georgia and Florida, Democrats are seizing on the popularity of Medicaid to attack their GOP opponents. > The Hill

Mandela Barnes goes after Scott Walker for rejecting Medicaid expansion


Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor Mandela Barnes criticized Republican Gov. Scott Walker on Thursday for his refusal to accept the federal Medicaid expansion, following days of disagreement between the two campaigns over the cost of health insurance in Wisconsin. > Cap Times

Has Scott Walker’s rejection of Medicaid expansion under Obamacare cost Wisconsin $1 billion?

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dana Wachs said in April that Gov. Scott Walker “has turned down $1 billion of Medicaid money over the course of his tenure.” Is Wachs telling the truth? PolitiFact Wisconsin checks the facts and crunches the numbers.