Watch: Mike McCabe discusses possible candidacy for governor

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WisconsinEye talked with Mike McCabe about his potential challenge to Governor Walker. Formerly of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, McCabe is currently the founding director of Blue Jean Nation, a nonprofit organization that encourages citizens to challenge the political establishment. > WisEye

Fact check: Do richest 1 percent pay lowest tax rate in Wisconsin?

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PolitiFact Wisconsin applies their Truth-O-Meter to gubernatorial candidate Mike McCabe’s claim that “When you look at all the state and local taxes we pay in Wisconsin, the wealthiest 1 percent pay the lowest overall tax rate.” > PolitiFact Wisconsin

McCabe leaning toward running as a Democrat for Governor


The longtime head of a government watchdog group said he’s leaning toward running for governor as a Democrat, not as an independent. Mike McCabe ran the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign for 15 years. After leaving the organization, he started a group called Blue Jean Nation, which is billed as a nonpartisan organization for “the politically homeless.”  >  Wisconsin Public Radio

The Walker opponent wearing blue jeans


As the leader of advocacy nonprofit Blue Jean Nation, Mike McCabe’s been traveling the state, organizing folks in every congressional district and spreading a message that our politics need to reconnect with the people, who need once again to believe their leaders are in it for Wisconsinites and not themselves.  >  The Cap Times

Why aren’t prominent Democrats stepping up to challenge Walker in 2018?

There’s been continued speculation on who might challenge Gov. Walker in 2018, with Walker saying that if he decides to run again, he’ll announce this summer. But since the beginning of the year, a number of well-known Wisconsin Dems have decided not to run against the governor – dramatically thinning the field.  >  Milwaukee Public Radio

Mike McCabe to those urging he run against Walker: Okay, I’ll (probably) do it.

Mike McCabe, the leader of a nonprofit organization that encourages citizens to challenge the political establishment, indicated Thursday that he’ll likely run for governor of Wisconsin, but that he hasn’t decided whether it would be as an independent or Democrat.  >  AP / US News & World Report