Foxconn’s story changes. Yet again.

Another day, another story from Foxconn. Now the company is saying they’re not all that interested in making television screens, and they’re likely to use a lot more robots than originally projected. > Urban Milwaukee

Wisconsin reeling from tariffs coming from Mexico, Canada, Europe

At a recent town hall meeting held by U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, a local manufacturer complained vehemently about the new tariffs imposed by President Donald Trump, saying: “I recognize this is probably a negotiating tactic, but in the meantime real families are being crushed by these tariffs right now.” > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Fact checking Vinehout’s claim that state is 16,000 manufacturing jobs below recession levels

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In criticizing Gov. Walker’s Foxconn deal on WISN-TV’s “Upfront with Mike Gousha,” state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout (D-Alma) said under Walker the state is “still 16,000 manufacturing jobs lower than we were during the recession.” PolitiFact Wisconsin checks the numbers.

German gummy candy maker Haribo inks deal on state incentives


Haribo, the German-based candy company noted for its gummy gel treats, has reached an economic development agreement that could net it up to $21 million in state tax credits for reaching specified incentive benchmarks by 2028. The incentive agreement announced Wednesday formalizes Haribo’s plans, announced earlier this year, to establish a manufacturing complex in Pleasant Prairie. > Kenosha News

Will Wisconsin be conned by GOP’s Foxconn deal?


With Wisconsin being targeted for a new Foxconn plant, and Gov. Walker in full re-election mode with a desperate need to explain away his now 7-year-old unfulfilled promise to create 250,000 jobs in four years, the pump is primed to mortgage our state’s future for Walker’s short-term political gain. > Scot Ross (One Wisconsin Now) in The Cap Times

Almost official: Foxconn to announce new Wisconsin factory this afternoon, in PR win for Trump, Walker


The Washington Post reports that Foxconn will unveil plans late Wednesday afternoon, via an announcement by President Trump, to build a new factory in southeastern Wisconsin, delivering a much-needed jobs win for Trump and Gov. Walker, according to four officials with knowledge of the announcement.

How did the Democrats lose a once progressive Wisconsin? The new book ‘Janesville’ offers a view.

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The Nation takes a look at Amy Goldstein’s new book “Janesville”, alongside Katherine Cramer’s “Politics of Resentment”, and how they answer in complementary ways the plaguing question of why Donald Trump won in Wisconsin.