Paul Soglin takes Madison legacy statewide after 50-year career in city politics

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In it continuing series spotlighting all ten Democratic candidates for governor, Wisconsin Public Radio turns its lens on Madison Mayor Paul Soglin. From ’60s radical to longtime mayor, few in the state can match Soglin’s political longevity.

Can Milwaukee solve its voter turnout problem?

In the age of Scott Walker, Wisconsin Democrats have no chance in statewide elections without a big turnout in Milwaukee and Madison. And the turnout has been far better in Madison and Dane County in recent years. In fact, though Dane County has 55 percent of Milwaukee County’s population, more of voters turned out there. > Urban Milwaukee

Eau Claire aims to be carbon neutral by 2050

The city of Eau Claire is the first municipality in Wisconsin to approve a sustainability plan that pledges carbon neutrality by 2050.  It’s also the second Wisconsin city (behind Madison) to endorse using 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Billionaire liberal activist eyes Wisconsin, plans to spend millions

Billionaire liberal activist Tom Steyer spoke Tuesday on the UW-Madison campus about his multi-million dollar push for liberal candidates and causes in Wisconsin. “If there’s a state where…radical right policies have been enacted more than Wisconsin, I’m not sure what it would be, outside maybe the deep South,” he said. > Wisconsin Public Radio

State’s fired-up Democratic base punctuated with Dane County landslide

If the key takeaway from Tuesday’s state Supreme Court race is a fired-up Democratic base, then the most dazzling sign of that energy is the liberal landslide that occurred in Madison and surrounding Dane County. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Students reach Paul Ryan’s hometown in 4-day march for gun law reform

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Dozens of students from throughout Wisconsin arrived in Speaker Paul Ryan’s hometown of Janesville Wednesday after walking more than 50 miles to demand tougher gun laws. The journey began March 25 ― exactly 53 years after Martin Luther King Jr. led thousands of civil rights activists into Montgomery after a five-day, 54-mile march that began in Selma. > HuffPost