Dairy group uses behind-the-scenes influence with Walker to shift regulation of large livestock farms

Agriculture interests are working behind the scenes with the administration of Gov. Scott Walker as he mounts a major change in the way large livestock farms are regulated in Wisconsin. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Walker challenger Mitchell decries lobbyists, despite being one


Speaking to Democrats at UW-Madison recently, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mahlon Mitchell called for the removal of lobbyists from the Capitol. However, as president of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin, Mitchell is a registered lobbyist for that group. > AP News

Audit: Nearly 15 percent of Wisconsin lobbyists operated without authorization


Nearly 15 percent of Wisconsin lobbyists apparently tried to influence lawmakers and other state officials in 2017 without being authorized to do so, according to a new state report. The lobbyists and lobbying groups that may have violated the authorization requirement were not named in the report. > Wisconsin State Journal

Industry lobbyists and state lawmakers put public at risk on air pollution


It’s no surprise to Wisconsinites that wealthy industry heads and lobbyists have been the primary beneficiaries of the Walker administration, who has been eager to gift regulatory rollbacks to industry donors. Here is the “who, what, when, and how” as it applies to the repeal of Wisconsin’s longstanding air pollution regulations. > Cap Times

Inside man: How lobbyists like Eric J. Petersen work the state Capitol, and what is changing


Eric J. Petersen is a lobbyist, known as a go-to for turning Wisconsin business interests into laws. He is a key player in the state Capitol who comes from a deep lobbying legacy and represents two of Wisconsin’s oldest and most influential business groups: road builders and liquor wholesalers. > Cap Times

Koch-backed Texas group begins lobbying in Wisconsin

A rightwing group called the Texas Public Policy Foundation started lobbying in Wisconsin for the first time last month. So far this session, the group, which has ties to Charles and David Koch, has taken positions on about a dozen crime and occupational-licensing bills.  >  Wisconsin Democracy Campaign