Wisconsin kids not being tested for lead


Federal policy requires all children receiving Medicaid to be tested for lead poisoning at ages one and two. But a new report by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services shows only 32 percent of children enrolled in Medicaid received the required testing in 2016. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Walker announces almost $14 million in municipality grants to remove lead service lines


Gov. Walker this week announced that 35 municipalities have now completed financial assistance agreements with the state that will allow those communities to assist homeowners, schools, and day cares in providing safe drinking water by replacing old lead service lines. > Urban Milwaukee

Rep. Sargent: Don’t let Republicans say they’re ‘leading’ on lead crisis


As originally written, the “Leading on Lead Act” would have enabled water utilities to provide property owners with financial assistance for replacing water lines containing lead. Yet the bill voted on in committee was a mere shadow of its former self — a product of special interests and their influence on Wisconsin’s GOP legislators. > The Cap Times

Fixing Milwaukee’s lead problem could cost billions and take decades



Milwaukee has 70,000 residential lead service lines, 40 percent of the entire state’s. And though the city treats the water with an anti-corrosive material, lead can still leech into the drinking water. A recent report estimates it may cost taxpayers millions of dollars annually and take up to 50 years to replace all 70,000 lines. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Wisconsin 11th worst state for drinking water safety


In case you missed it, the NRDC released a report last month on states with the most drinking water violations. Assessing risk from 2015 EPA data on over 100 contaminants, including toxic chemicals, bacteria and metals such as lead, Texas was the state with the most offenses, based on population, while Wisconsin ranked eleventh worst. > Milwaukee Public Radio

Professionals, environmentalists, faith leaders ally to support Leading on Lead bill

More than 100 organizations, healthcare professionals, and faith and community leaders from across the state have joined Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters in supporting Senate Bill 48, which would allow local water utilities to offer grants or low-interest loans to homeowners to replace their lead pipes.  >  Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters

NRDC report: Wisconsin among 12 worst states for drinking water safety

The Natural Resources Defense Council has released a report on states with the most drinking water violations. And, Wisconsin was on the list. States were ranked on risk from over 100 contaminants, including toxic chemicals, bacteria and metals such as lead.  >  Milwaukee Public Radio