‘A reason to stand up’: Wisconsin activists fight threat to African American vote


Voting rights advocates are mobilizing after Scott Walker signed a lame-duck bill limiting early voting, a move that is being characterized as “retribution” by Republicans and an attempt to “stack the deck” against Democrats by discriminating against African Americans and Latinos. > The Guardian

Milwaukee Dem senator proposes two-thirds vote requirement for lame-duck bills

Responding to the recent lame-duck push by GOP lawmakers to curtail the powers of the incoming Democratic governor and attorney general, Sen. Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) has proposed requiring a two-thirds super-majority vote to pass any future lame-duck bills. > Wisconsin State Journal

Walker mercilessly mocked on social media for what a Venn diagram should actually look like


To explain the lame-duck changes he signed into law Friday, Gov. Scott Walker brought along a visual aid intended to look like a Venn diagram. But instead of the two circles overlapping with similarities in the middle and differences in the outer circles, Walker’s was no Venn at all, and critics on social media were merciless. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Eric Holder’s group promises lame-duck lawsuit


A group run by former Democratic U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder says it plans legal action to block a limitation on early voting in Wisconsin signed into law by Gov. Scott Walker. The National Redistricting Foundation will pursue legal action along with the Wisconsin-based liberal group One Wisconsin Now. > NBC 15 Madison

GOP power grabs pour gas on ‘resistance’ in key Midwest states


Republican efforts to weaken incoming Democratic governors in Michigan and Wisconsin have reignited the grass-roots fervor that flipped both states in November, turning the typically sleepy post-election period into a key organizing moment ahead of the 2020 presidential election. > POLITICO

With a faulty Venn diagram, Walker signs all three lame-duck bills into law


Gov. Scott Walker signed all three sweeping lame-duck bills into law in Green Bay on Friday, concluding an eleventh hour effort by Republican legislators to roll back some of the next governor’s authority. And he attempted to explain that “there is no there there” with a non-Venn diagram. > Wisconsin State Journal

Opponents look at legal options as they await Walker’s actions on lame-duck bills


While final action from Gov. Scott Walker awaits, opponents already are contemplating legal challenges to bills curtailing early voting and powers of the incoming Democratic governor and attorney general, passed by GOP lawmakers in an all-night lame-duck session last week. > Wisconsin State Journal