Who are the 2018 Koch Candidates?

Campaign finance disclosures from the Koch Industries Political Action Committee (KochPAC) show that Team Koch is investing heavily in candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. PR Watch‘s state-by-state list shows how much they’ve given to whom in Wisconsin.

Asked about low approval ratings, Baldwin points to ‘polarization,’ Koch brothers


Asked on “Morning Joe” to explain her low approval ratings, Sen. Tammy Baldwin pointed to how “terribly polarized” the state has become and complained about the influence of the Koch brothers. “When I started in political life running for office, people were ticket-splitters. There wasn’t the partisan polarization that we see,” Baldwin said > Washington Examiner

Conservative group drops another $1.6 million against Baldwin


A conservative group that’s already spent $1.5 million against U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin is dropping another $1.6 million. Concerned Veterans for America, part of the Koch brothers network, is running another round of ads on Baldwin’s handling of the over-prescription of opioids and other drugs at the veterans hospital in Tomah. > AP News

Outside groups pummel Baldwin and other vulnerable senators in early TV advertising


The midterm congressional elections are months away, but well-funded outside groups already are dominating the airwaves in what will be a multi-million dollar brawl for control of the Senate. > USA Today

Concerned Veterans For America launches anti-Baldwin ad campaign


A conservative group has launched a new $1.5 million ad campaign against Sen. Tammy Baldwin, adding to the more than $3 million that has already been spent targeting the Democratic incumbent. Concerned Veterans for America is affiliated with the Koch brothers network. > Wisconsin Public Radio

The Koch network’s war on unions is a war on Democrats, education, and democracy


The Koch network recently got together to discuss how they could invest $400 million to promote their politics and policies, but it’s not just about the upcoming election cycle. This incredibly powerful group of billionaires focused on winning the long war. > San Diego Free Press