Reps. Kind and Sensenbrenner working to keep bipartisanship alive

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In a jointly written column, Democratic Rep. Ron Kind and Republican Rep. James Sensenbrenner say that they’re trying to keep bipartisanship alive in Congress. Many Americans are sick and tired of the gridlocked partisanship, they write, and outline how they’re working to stop it. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

How each of Wisconsin’s congressional delegates responded to the Charlottesville violence


While both of Wisconsin’s U.S. Senators and all eight of the state’s U.S. Representatives spoke out against the violence, some were more pointed than others, and some were more critical of President Donald Trump’s response. Wisconsin Public Radio‘s lays out all ten responses.

With failure of ObamaCare repeal, Rep. Kind calls on Walker to expand Medicaid

Ron Kind

U.S. Rep. Ron Kind sent Gov. Walker a letter Tuesday, writing that the failure by Republicans to repeal ObamaCare signals that “the time for partisan attacks on the law has passed. The Affordable Care Act is the law of the land.” Without Medicaid expansion, Kind warned taxpayers could lose out on almost $1 billion in savings. > The Hill

Rep. Kind calls for Obamacare reform and has proposals to offer up


U.S. Rep. Ron Kind has a message for Congress: It’s time to roll up the sleeves and reform the current health care law. At a news conference in La Crosse, Kind unveiled proposals for improving the Affordable Care Act, as well as current policies that are working and need to be expanded. > Dunn County News

Wisconsin’s Democratic members of Congress urge state not to comply with Trump voter data request


Wisconsin’s Congressional Democrats – Reps. Gwen Moore, Mark Pocan and Ron Kind – are urging the state’s elections commission not to share voters’ personal information with Trump’s election fraud commission. “I find it reckless to increase voter data vulnerability by facilitating the Commission’s request,” Moore wrote. But the state may not have a choice. > The Cap Times

Grothman says nobody on the Hill is talking about Trump Jr. story, while Kind says ‘everyone’s talking about it’

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While U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman dismissed the idea that Trump, Jr.’s story was hindering GOP work, saying ” people aren’t even talking about it,” Rep. Ron Kind said, “Everyone’s talking about it. If we can’t agree this is a serious threat to our democracy, then I’m not sure where we’re heading as a nation.” > Wisconsin Public Radio