Walker’s final insult

Last week, Gov. Scott Walker negotiated a $28 million deal with Kimberly-Clark and had his WEDC rubber stamp it — before signing a bill taking away the next governor’s power to do the same thing. Apparently Walker wasn’t confident he could get it by the Joint Finance Committee where his own party holds 12 of 16 seats.> Isthmus

Walker’s economic development ‘legacy’: lies and failure

Defeated Gov. Scott Walker never took economic development seriously. And it appears he has learned no lessons. Last week, he was busy putting political spin on a routine $28 million proposal to assist Kimberly-Clark by effectively absolving the company of income tax liability and providing it with subsidies in the form of cash payments. > Cap Times

Using powers stripped from Evers, Walker to give Kimberly-Clark about $25 million in taxpayer funds


Taxpayers will pay Kimberly-Clark $25 million over five years to keep a plant open in the Fox Valley. The deal struck was by Gov. Scott Walker in his last weeks in office using powers the Legislature recently voted to strip from his successor. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Walker holds out hope in saving Kimberly-Clark jobs

Gov. Scott Walker is hinting that there may still be a chance to save a Kimberly-Clark factory and about 300 jobs after a tax incentive bill failed in the Legislature. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Senate GOP leader says Kimberly-Clark only has 10, 11 votes so far


The Republican leader of the Wisconsin Senate says six or seven more votes are needed to approve a tax incentive package designed to stop consumer products company Kimberly-Clark from closing a plant near Appleton. > AP News

Despite Kimberly-Clark offer of $500 million Wisconsin investment, incentive package still lacks necessary votes

A $100 million taxpayer-funded effort to keep hundreds of Kimberly-Clark manufacturing jobs in the Fox Valley still doesn’t have a clear path forward in the state Senate, a top Republican lawmaker who backs the bill said Wednesday. > Cap Times

Public hearing on Kimberly-Clark tax incentives set for Wednesday

A public hearing is on the Nov. 14 legislative schedule for lawmakers to discuss a tax incentive package to keep Kimberly-Clark in the Fox Valley. Kimberly-Clark delayed a decision on closing its Cold Spring plant to give the state time to pass a tax incentives package worth about $100 million. > ABC 2 Wisconsin