Vos and Fitzgerald get what they want, plus a public outcry, in lame-duck session


With something as controversial as what happened at the Capitol today, there will always be winners and losers. Here’s the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel‘s scorecard for who benefited and who didn’t as a result of the lame-duck session.

Full timeline and explainer for the lame-duck legislation

The Cap Times lays out the full timeline of the Wisconsin Legislature’s lame-duck session from Monday through this morning, as well as explanations of the versions of each bill that ultimately passed.

Summary of the lame-duck bills Wisconsin Republicans passed this morning


AP News provides a rundown of the bills Wisconsin Republican lawmakers passed Wednesday to weaken the incoming Democratic governor and attorney general and curtail early voting, among several other bills.

Assembly votes, sending lame-duck bills to Walker’s desk

With an Assembly vote shortly after 8 a.m., the Republican-controlled state Legislature has approved new limits on the power of Democratic Gov.-elect Tony Evers in their lame-duck session, as well as limited early voting and given state lawmakers more power over the state’s economic development agency, which Evers has said he would like to eliminate. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Senate votes in wee hours to pass its lame-duck bill curtailing powers of governor, attorney general

After an all-night push made mostly behind closed doors, Republican state senators passed a revised bill early Wednesday diminishing the powers of incoming Gov. Tony Evers and Attorney General Josh Kaul and curtailing early voting. Passed 17-16 with one dissenting Republican, the bill now heads to the state Assembly, where it is likely to pass. > Wisconsin State Journal

Wisconsin Republicans set to pass lame-duck bills late Tuesday

Wisconsin Republicans are poised to pass a set of sweeping measures that would narrow the state’s window for early voting and curb the authorities of the incoming governor and attorney general in votes that could come late Tuesday night or in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. > Cap Times

Eric Holder says Wisconsin Republicans risk lawsuit over lame-duck plan

Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said Wisconsin Republicans risk legal action and would inflict damage on outgoing Gov. Scott Walker’s reputation if they carry through with their lame-duck plan to reduce the powers of Democrats elected last month. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel