Walker appoints Schimel to Waukesha court

As he prepares to leave office, Gov. Scott Walker on Tuesday appointed outgoing AG Brad Schimel to a judgeship in Waukesha County. Schimel — like Walker a Republican — will take the job relinquished last week by Waukesha County Circuit Judge Patrick Haughney, after having reportedly considered private and federal opportunities. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Court ruling on Wisconsin voter ID and other election laws still pending after 16 months

More than a year after hearing arguments, a federal appeals court has yet to rule on various Wisconsin voting laws, including aspects of the state’s voter ID statute. The long delay has some scratching their heads, with questions about whether the court will act before this year’s fast-approaching Aug. 14 primary.  > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Lawyers, judges ask Wisconsin Supreme Court to raise defense lawyer pay from lowest-in-nation level

Attorneys and judges throughout the state told the Wisconsin Supreme Court this week that the state’s funding for public defenders and other court-appointed lawyers was so low it had created a constitutional crisis. The state pays private attorneys $40 per hour to take public defender cases, which is the lowest in the nation. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Nichols: Ron Johnson wants to make federal courts a playground for extremism

Wisconsin has for decades maintained a sound system for taking at least some of the politics out of the federal judicial-selection process. Yet Sen. Ron Johnson voted to make Michael Brennan, a right-wing judicial activist, a federal appeals judge, even though Wisconsin’s bipartisan judicial nominating commission refused to recommend him. > Cap Times

Republicans fill court seat they denied Obama for 6 years


The Senate voted along party lines Thursday to confirm Michael Brennan to a lifetime seat on Wisconsin’s U.S. Court of Appeals, despite Sen. Tammy Baldwin withholding her “blue slip”. The seat was the nation’s longest circuit court vacancy, and the reason it went unfilled for so long largely came down to Sen. Ron Johnson. > HuffPost

Baldwin’s withholding of ‘blue slip’ for nominated judge at center of raging judicial wars


In a rare volley in the judicial wars, Democratic-aligned groups are pressuring their own party in a new ad campaign. The campaign demands that Democratic senators commit to voting en masse against any Donald Trump judicial nominees should Senate Republicans advance one without the formal sign-off of his or her home-state senator. > Daily Beast

US Senate could vote this week on controversial Wisconsin judicial nominee

The U.S. Senate could vote this week to fill a longstanding federal court vacancy for Wisconsin over the objection of U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin. The vote by GOP senators would clear the way for Milwaukee attorney Michael Brennan to fill a seat on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago. > Wisconsin Public Radio