Johnson: Trump accusations have already been vetted


U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson said Thursday that he does not support investigating accusations against President Trump for sexual assault because the voters have already cast their ballots. “Trump’s problems were vetted during the campaign,” Johnson said on CNN. “The American people elected President Trump.” > Washington Times

Where each member of Wisconsin’s Congressional delegation stands on net neutrality



The Cap Times runs through the net neutrality position of Wisconsin’s two U.S. Senators and all eight of its House Representatives.

Cap Times: Ron Johnson looks out for himself


If anyone questioned how sincere U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson is in representing ordinary Wisconsin citizens, those questions were answered during the Senate’s tax reform debate. Unsurprisingly, Johnson’s beef with the bill had nothing to do with adverse impacts on his constituents, but rather how it didn’t do enough to help small businesses like his own. > Cap Times

Johnson backs tax cuts, dismisses $1 trillion projected increase in federal debt


U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson threw his support behind the Republican tax overhaul Friday, dismissing a nonpartisan projection that the bill would increase the federal debt by $1 trillion over the next decade. Johnson has been a longtime supporter of tax cuts but has also crusaded against the federal debt as “threatening our freedom.” > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Baldwin, Johnson differ on controversial Net Neutrality repeal


With the FCC set to repeal Net Neutrality rules, after Republicans gained control of the agency with Trump’s transition in January,  Wisconsin’s U.S. Senators have weighed in with sharply different stances. > The Daily Cardinal