‘Right to try’ bills gaining ground in Wisconsin, federally


Proposals allowing those with life-threatening illnesses to get unapproved, experimental drugs are making headway at the federal and state levels. Sen. Ron Johnson’s  so-called “right to try” bill recently passed the U.S. Senate, and a similar bill passed the Wisconsin Assembly in March, though the Wisconsin Medical Society opposes the bills. > Wisconsin Public Radio

MSNBC slams Ron Johnson for suggesting the country ‘move on’ from Trump’s Charlottesville response

Image: Ron Johnson, Paul D. Clement, Rick Esenberg

Less than 24 hours after the worst presidential press conference anyone can remember, Sen. Johnson is ready to “move beyond this,” and hoping Americans will no longer “harp on” what Trump told the nation. In other words, we’re all supposed to stop talking about this because, well, the senator from Wisconsin just thinks that’d be nice. > MSNBC

Wisconsin GOP responses to Trump: Gallagher and Steineke pointed; Walker, Johnson and Ryan indirect; Vos and Fitzgerald silent.


While Sen. Ron Johnson, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Gov. Scott Walker condemned the Charlottesville violence without citing Trump’s name, U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher and state Rep. Jim Steineke came out far more pointedly against Trump’s failure. Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos have made no public comment. > La Crosse Tribune

How each of Wisconsin’s congressional delegates responded to the Charlottesville violence


While both of Wisconsin’s U.S. Senators and all eight of the state’s U.S. Representatives spoke out against the violence, some were more pointed than others, and some were more critical of President Donald Trump’s response. Wisconsin Public Radio‘s lays out all ten responses.

Wisconsin seat on U.S. appeals court remains a symbol of partisan judicial wars


During the Obama administration, Sen. Ron Johnson heavily wielded his “blue slip” power against any nominee for a key Wisconsin seat on the federal judiciary. But with power now shifted, Republicans are angling to deprive Democrats – Sen. Tammy Baldwin, in this case – of the same power. Johnson argues that “circumstances have changed.” > Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune

Johnson suggests Illinois should help shoulder Foxconn cost


At a Rotary Club of Milwaukee meeting Tuesday, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson questioned whether Wisconsin should bear the full $3 billion in financial incentives being considered to lure electronics giant Foxconn to the state, since Illinois workers would also benefit from the plant’s southeast Wisconsin location. > Chicago Tribune

State Journal: Let states tackle immigration reform


From the Wisconsin State Journal editorial board: No one knows Wisconsin’s demand for foreign guest workers better than Wisconsin does. “We need to recognize that a one-size-fits-all federal model for visas doesn’t work,” said Sen. Ron Johnson. He’s right. In fact, the current visa program seems almost as if it was devised specifically as anti-Wisconsin.