Johnson touts immigration reform


As President Donald Trump sends thousands of American troops to the Mexican border to defend against caravans of Central American migrants and proposing to end birthright citizenship, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson said he agrees with the president that the nation’s immigration system needs to be fixed. > Eau Claire Leader-Telegram

Johnson talks Pittsburgh shooting, immigration policy, midterms

When asked about the Pittsburgh shooting, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson called it both a tragedy and an isolated incident. “It’s a senseless slaughter of innocent worshipers,” the Republican Senator said. “An act of pure hate and evil. ” Johnson also says he doesn’t believe the shooting is connected to any political movement. > FOX 11 Green Bay

Checking facts: Would ‘Medicare for All’ really double every American’s tax bill?

MJS Caduceus Medical Symbol chrome

During a Sept. 4. 2018 interview, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson said about a single-payer health care system: “You could double every American’s tax bill and it still wouldn’t pay for it. It sure sounds good: ‘Free health care for everybody.’ But it’s not free.” Is Johnson right about a doubled tax bill? > Politifact Wisconsin

Walker optimistic despite polls

Gov. Scott Walker said he doesn’t doubt polls that show he is trailing Democratic challenger Tony Evers as the gubernatorial race enters the final month before the election. “I believe those polls are real,” Walker said Wednesday during a stop in Chippewa Falls. “They are a snapshot in time.” > Eau Claire Leader-Telegram

‘Kava-nope:’ Group rallies in Milwaukee as vote on SCOTUS nomination looms

A small group gathered outside Milwaukee’s Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse  Thursday morning ahead of the crucial vote for U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Carrying signs that said “Kava Nope” and “End Rape Culture,” among others, the protestors delivered a letter to Sen. Ron Johnson, imploring him to discontinue his support of Kavanaugh. > ABC 12 Milwaukee

Johnson supports Kavanaugh after reading FBI report


U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson reaffirmed his support for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Thursday, saying that after reviewing a new FBI background report, he saw “no evidence” to back up sexual assault claims. “I gotta go with the facts,” he said during a telephone town hall meeting with Wisconsin residents. > AP News

Johnson suggests Christine Blasey Ford may have ‘false memories’ of alleged assault

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson is dismissing testimony of Christine Blasey Ford about her alleged assault years ago by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. > USA Today