Trump claims Foxconn in Wisconsin will improve race relations


Deals like Foxconn will improve race relations, President Trump said in his now notorious press conference at Trump Tower Tuesday. “We have companies coming back into our country. We have two car companies that just announced. We have Foxconn in Wisconsin. I think that’s going to have a huge, positive impact on race relations.” > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

NY Times: Questions emerge over what Wisconsin must give for Foxconn plant

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“This is not a principled approach to economic development,” said Carl Davis, research director at the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy in Washington. “This is buying jobs at a very high price. And it’s certainly not small government. This is not stepping out of the way and letting the market do what it does.” > NY Times

Foxconn deal portends larger issue looming for state: losing jobs to automation


If Foxconn is laying off 60,000 workers in China who were earning $3.25 an hour and replacing them with robots, why are they willing to pay their workforce here in Wisconsin what appears to be five to seven times that amount? > Cap Times

Wash Post: Wisconsin’s Foxconn deal wouldn’t break even until 2042, or later


Foxconn said it would hire 3,000 workers in Wisconsin over the next four years, with the “potential” to create 13,000 jobs. If it hits that growth target, Wisconsin would break even after 25 years, according to a report from the state’s nonpartisan agency that analyzes proposed economic investments. And if 13,000 jobs never materialize? It could take decades longer. > Washington Post

Critics ask: What’s the financial fallout if Foxconn fails to live up to ‘the hype’?


Since the announcement that Foxconn will build a factory in Wisconsin, the news has been full of numbers: the potential number of jobs created, the billions Foxconn will invest and the billions in tax incentives. Critics want to know which estimates will become real, as well as what happens if the numbers fall flat. > Cap Times

Walker to lead trade mission to South Korea and Japan


Gov. Walker announced he plans to lead a trade mission to South Korea and Japan in September to draw investment to Wisconsin from foreign companies and strengthen trade ties: “We’re going to build upon the momentum created by Wisconn Valley and make a strong case for why companies in these countries should consider Wisconsin.” > Biz Times Milwaukee

By the numbers: Economic impact study of Wisconsin’s Foxconn deal


An economic impact study produced for Foxconn offers insight into the electronics manufacturing company’s deal with Wisconsin. Ernst & Young prepared an analysis this month for “Project Flying Eagle,” the code name given to the project that is expected to bring a $10 billion manufacturing facility to the state, and came to these 20+ conclusions. > The Cap Times