Foxconn reportedly considering 7 states for U.S. plant


Foxconn, one of Apple’s major suppliers, says it’s planning to invest $7 billion in a U.S. display manufacturing plant. It hasn’t been decided where the company wants to build the facility, but according to Bloomberg, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Texas are all candidates. > TechSpot

Will Foxconn actually build a U.S. plant? Pennsylvania offers a cautionary tale.


There was a lot promised to the residents of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 2013. China-based tech company Foxconn “sent a jolt through the state capital” when its CEO announced a $30 million facility would be built to bring jobs to the area. The plans have yet to materialize. > Milwaukee Public Radio

Walker’s tax scam for manufacturers


Why do business lobbyists and Republican politicians constantly claim that tax breaks for the rich create jobs when no evidence exists that this is true? Recent news reports reveal that Gov. Walker’s massive income tax cut to wealthy Wisconsinites has not created more manufacturing jobs. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Wisconsin one of several states Foxconn is eying


Foxconn, the world’s largest contract electronics maker and a major Apple supplier, says it plans to invest more than $10 billion in a display-making factory in the U.S. and will decide on the location of the plant next month. Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and North Carolina are reportedly being scouted. > Reuters

New report: Prevailing wage repeal would cost Wisconsinites $300 million a year

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 1.33.18 PM

Repealing what remains of Wisconsin’s prevailing-wage laws would cost taxpayers more than $300 million a year, according to a new study from the Midwest Economic Policy Institute. The reported prompted state Democrats to hold a news conference Tuesday again expressing opposition to Republican plans to repeal the remaining prevailing-wage laws for state-commissioned projects. > Daily Reporter

Preliminary data show May to be 2017’s worst Wisconsin jobs month


Wisconsin added 14,800 non-farm jobs in April, but took a downswing in May, losing 3,200 private and 1,600 government jobs. That makes May the worst month in 2017 for jobs in Wisconsin, according to preliminary estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. > The Cap Times

Dem lawmaker refutes GOP claims on the benefits of prevailing wage repeal


The state budget includes a measure to repeal prevailing wage laws, and Rep. Leon D. Young has this to say: “Repealing the prevailing wage doesn’t save the state money, it costs the state jobs! Let’s examine the truth about the prevailing wage law that Republicans refuse to admit and don’t want you to know.” > Milwaukee Courier