Walker op-eds why he thinks he deserves a third term

In his turn at a candidate’s op-ed in the Cap Times, Gov. Scott Walker makes his case for why “Wisconsin is working!”, citing his narratives on employment, school funding, taxes, and healthcare.

Nicholson consulted for companies that shed jobs


Republican Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson worked as a consultant for companies that laid off nearly 1,900 people since 2015, shutting down plants in Wisconsin and other states as they moved to save money and shift production overseas. > AP News

Report says Foxconn can pay 93 percent of workforce less than $15 an hour

Urban Milwaukee cites a report in the Wisconsin Biz Journal that says Wisconsin’s deal with the Foxconn corporation will allow the tech firm to pay 93 percent of its employees less than $15 an hour. This, despite boasts from the Walker administration that the workforce would average more than $53,000 per year.

Foxconn expanding to downtown Eau Claire

Foxconn announced this week that it is expanding its Wisconn Valley Innovation Network to west central Wisconsin, specifically Eau Claire, as part of its initiative to spur innovation, attract talent and connect with supply chain partners. > Racine Journal Times

Foxconn buys Watermark building, plans innovation center in downtown Green Bay


Foxconn CEO Terry Gou was joined by Gov. Scott Walker in Green Bay Friday morning to announce the company’s purchase of the Watermark building downtown. Foxconn plans to open an innovation center in the building by the end of the year, saying the site will employ more than 200 people. > Green Bay Press Gazette

Trump tours Foxconn as Harley trouble rumbles up the road

After repeatedly bashing the leadership of an iconic American manufacturer this week, President Donald Trump is set to be 30 miles away from its Wisconsin headquarters Thursday to praise a Taiwanese company for bringing jobs to a state critical to his re-election. > Bloomberg

How Walker has failed Wisconsinites on jobs

Gov. Scott Walker continues to twist numbers to cover up the fact that his economic policies have caused Wisconsin to utterly fail to keep pace with national post-recession recovery.  In fact, Wisconsin would have an additional 131,000 jobs if the state had just kept up with the pace of the nation. > Urban Milwaukee