How Walker has failed Wisconsinites on jobs

Gov. Scott Walker continues to twist numbers to cover up the fact that his economic policies have caused Wisconsin to utterly fail to keep pace with national post-recession recovery.  In fact, Wisconsin would have an additional 131,000 jobs if the state had just kept up with the pace of the nation. > Urban Milwaukee

Despite uptick in hiring, Wisconsin remains short of Walker’s 250K job promise

New detailed employment numbers released Thursday show an uptick in hiring last year among Wisconsin’s private sector employers, but the state still fell well short of the jobs benchmark Gov. Scott Walker set during his 2010 campaign. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Johnson sends strong message to Trump: Wisconsin needs more workers

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson sent a strong message to the Trump administration on the need for more workers in Wisconsin: “There’s not one manufacturing plant in Wisconsin, not one dairy farm, not one resort that can hire enough people,” Johnson said. Unfortunately, the president’s Department of Homeland Security doesn’t seem to be listening. > Wisconsin State Journal

Minnesota passes Wisconsin in total jobs after adding more jobs than Wisconsin every year since 2010

Minnesota had more jobs than Wisconsin in 2017, marking the first time in recent history it has passed its Midwest neighbor. Data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed Minnesota nudged ahead of Wisconsin by 3,096 total jobs. It’s not much, but consider that Wisconsin’s population is 200,000 higher than Minnesota’s. > Wisconsin Public Radio

After tax cut, Harley-Davidson cut jobs


Recent evidence suggests that workers aren’t getting much benefit from 2017’s corporate tax cuts, and Wisconsin-based Harley-Davidson looks like a prime example of employees getting left out in the cold. > CBS News

Wisconsin’s economy outdoes Minnesota’s, or is it the other way around?


A conservative economist makes his case against the conclusions of the recent Economic Policy Institute study comparing the economic records of Wisconsin and Minnesota under Govs. Walker and Dayton, who both took office in 2010. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel