Six reasons to end the manufacturing credit

For starters, most of it goes to millionaires. But there are five more arguments against the tax credit that allows manufacturers and some other businesses to pay next to nothing in income taxes. > Urban Milwaukee

Under Walker, Wisconsin has lost 150 manufacturing plants


According to the “gold standard” of job metrics, the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, since Walker was elected in 2011, Wisconsin has lost 150 manufacturing establishments, at a time when most other states added them. In fact, only eleven states have lost more manufacturers than Wisconsin. > The Progressive

No Senate vote as Kimberly-Clark incentive deadline passes


The state Senate did not meet for a vote Sunday to approve nearly $100 million worth of tax incentives to the Kimberly-Clark Corporation. Kimberly-Clark is on the verge of closing its Fox Crossings factory which has around 500 workers. State Sen. David Hansen says the senate did not meet for a vote because some Republicans are undecided. > NBC 26 Green Bay

Tony Evers weighs in on Foxconn; Republicans say he’s putting jobs at risk


Since the first whispers that the Foxconn Technology Group was planning a development in Wisconsin, many in the state have been in opposition to the project. In the race for governor, it seems that trend will continue. > Racine Journal Times

Walker calls for Senate to convene extraordinary session to approve Kimberly-Clark incentives

Gov. Scott Walker wants members of the state Senate to convene this month to approve a $100 million tax incentive package designed to keep hundreds of paper company jobs in Wisconsin, but it’s not clear whether the proposal has enough support to pass. > Cap Times

Evers’ proposal to replace Walker’s jobs agency draws criticism from its chief

The head of the state’s job creation agency and Gov. Scott Walker’s re-election campaign are criticizing a proposal by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers to eliminate the agency. Walker created the WEDC in 2011, and state audits have found the agency failed to track job creation and follow state laws when awarding grants. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Proposed Kimberly-Clark subsidies among largest in nation for each job retained


Wisconsin’s proposed incentive package to keep hundreds of Kimberly-Clark jobs is one of the most generous for job retention when calculated on a jobs-per-dollar basis, a review finds. An economic development official in Arkansas, which is trying to keep open its own Kimberly-Clark plant, called Wisconsin’s offer “unprecedented”. >