Wisconsin’s 1st Senate District to see special election re-match in November


Voters in northeastern Wisconsin will see a strikingly similar ballot this November to their special election ballot from June. This summer, Republican state Rep. Andre Jacque lost to now-Sen. Caleb Frostman (D) in a special election called by Gov. Scott Walker. Five months later, Frostman and Jacque will again vie for the seat. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Six months later Caleb Frostman & Andre Jacque are on the ballot, again

For the second time in less than six months, Caleb Frostman and André Jacque are vying for the state’s 1st Senate District seat. Frostman (D-Sturgeon Bay) won the seat in a special election June 12, where he defeated Jacque (R-De Pere) by about 800 votes. > Green Bay Press Gazette

Is this week’s Dem win a sign of the ‘nationalization’ of state races?


A UW-Green Bay political scientist says Democrat Caleb Frostman’s win in Tuesday’s special election indicates the “nationalization” of state-level politics: “People are taking their state senators and state Assembly persons and drawing a direct line to what is going on in Washington.” > Wisconsin Public Radio

Democrats score special election upset in Wisconsin district Trump won big

<> on February 6, 2018 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Caleb Frostman defeated state Rep. Andre Jacque for an open Senate seat Tuesday in a special election Gov. Scott Walker tried to prevent. Although Frostman’s term is short, his win is a huge victory for the Democratic Party, as the seat was held by a Republican, and Trump won there by 17 points in 2016. > HuffPost

Dems flip long-held GOP Senate seat, while Republicans keep Assembly seat


Voters delivered split verdict in a pair of special elections Tuesday, handing Republicans a win in one district and Democrats a victory in the other. Caleb Frostman topped Rep. Andre Jacque in the 1st Senate District, making him the first Democrat to represent the northeast Wisconsin district in more than four decades. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Jacque says shoeleather will help him clear ‘blue wave’ chatter Tuesday


An architect of Wisconsin’s prevailing-wage repeal who won a tough-fought battle in May to secure his party’s nomination for an open state Senate seat says he’s confident his shoe-leather campaigning will make up for the fundraising disadvantage he faces in Tuesday’s special election for the state’s Senate District 1. > Daily Reporter

Special elections could build red or blue momentum


Republicans hold a firm stake in both of Wisconsin’s legislative chambers, and the special election winners will likely vote on nothing. But outside groups have been pouring money into the races, which are largely symbolic as a demonstration of party power ahead of the midterms. > Christian Science Monitor