Public hearing on Kimberly-Clark tax incentives set for Wednesday

A public hearing is on the Nov. 14 legislative schedule for lawmakers to discuss a tax incentive package to keep Kimberly-Clark in the Fox Valley. Kimberly-Clark delayed a decision on closing its Cold Spring plant to give the state time to pass a tax incentives package worth about $100 million. > ABC 2 Wisconsin

Why Wisconsin taxpayers need to pull the plug on this con of a Foxconn deal

Back in July, the initial details on the Foxconn deal were, at best, sketchy. But it’s gotten worse: bigger subsidies, fewer jobs and a payback period for taxpayers that now stretches into centuries rather than decades. All this suggests it’s time for Wisconsin to pull the plug on the deal. > MarketWatch

Some fear Foxconn factory’s main product is smoke and mirrors

With the cost to taxpayers ballooning to $4 billion and the focus of the Foxconn plant shifting a less advanced facility with less than 10 percent of the labor coming from assembly workers, is the Foxconn dealing starting to look like more trick than treat? > Fortune

Six reasons to end the manufacturing credit

For starters, most of it goes to millionaires. But there are five more arguments against the tax credit that allows manufacturers and some other businesses to pay next to nothing in income taxes. > Urban Milwaukee

Walker: Kimberly-Clark vote scheduled post-election so it has hope of bipartisan votes

A vote to approve an incentive package to keep paper maker Kimberly-Clark from closing plants in the Fox Valley was scheduled for after the Nov. 6 election in an effort to secure votes from senators in both parties, Gov. Scott Walker said Friday. > Cap Times

Walker orders special post-election session on Kimberly-Clark package


Gov. Scott Walker is continuing to press the state Senate to pass legislation that would allow Kimberly-Clark to stay in the state. Kimberly-Clark has announced its intent to close two paper mill facilities in central Wisconsin, which could mean hundreds of people could be out of a job. > Racine Journal Times

Without a Senate vote, Kimberly-Clark postpones plant closure decision

Kimberly-Clark Corp. will delay the decision to close its Cold Spring plant, according to an email sent to employees Monday.  The company had set a Sept. 30 deadline for the state Senate to pass a tax incentive package that would have kept the facility open. > Appleton Post Cresent