Veracious ad campaign targeting Ryan’s DACA stance encourages voter action


iAmerica Action, an immigration reform advocacy group, has launched new ad campaigns across the nation. In Wisconsin alone, they have put out ads in 27 districts targeting Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. > Badger Herald

How immigration could help vulnerable Dems in Trump states

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Most voters in 9 of the 10 Trump states with Democratic senators up for reelection – including Wisconsin – support DACA protections for immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children, according to new Axios polls. It’s potentially significant because most Americans blame Republicans more than Democrats for not finding a solution to protect “Dreamers.”

‘Sanctuary cities’ bills quietly not voted on


Having never been brought to a vote this legislative session, proposed bills that would have fined municipalities for enacting ordinances to aid undocumented immigrants, often referred to as “sanctuary cities,” have quietly gone away. > Racine Journal Times

Ryan struggles on Dreamers as GOP fractures


Paul Ryan is struggling for a game plan on immigration — and staring down a conservative backlash if he makes the wrong step. While Ryan is under increasing pressure from the hard-liner Freedom Caucus to put a conservative Dreamer solution on the House floor, moderates are expected to balk at such a proposal. > POLITICO

How sweeping changes to Wisconsin’s landlord-tenant laws affect vulnerable populations


Since 2011, Wisconsin’s Republican-controlled Legislature has passed more than 100 changes to landlord-tenant law. The laws have sped up the eviction process, made it easier to evict tenants and allowed landlords greater power to look into a potential tenant’s credit and criminal histories. > Cap Times

Grothman covered in Wash Post: ‘House conservatives could have the last word on immigration’


President Trump has promised to protect young DACA immigrants, and a bipartisan group of senators has been negotiating intensely to reach a deal. But House Republicans such as Glenn Grothman – who discussed the issue at numerous town halls last week – could have the last word on the fate of “dreamers.” > Washington Post