Dairy industry calls on Congress to act on DACA


Members of Wisconsin’s dairy industry are joining immigration lawyers and faith leaders in calling for Congress to act on the program that protects “Dreamers.” Business groups helped kick off a nationwide campaign Thursday pushing for immigration reform, starting with action on DACA. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Wisconsin students among thousands at D.C. rally to protect Dreamers


About two thousand young immigrants and their supporters converged on the nation’s capital Wednesday to rally Congress for legislation that would protect their ability to work and study in the U.S. without fear of deportation, including a group of Racine high schoolers. > NBC News

Wisconsin activists, students pushing Congress to act on DACA before Christmas


Activists in southeastern Wisconsin say Congress should include in this week’s must-pass spending bill a long-term solution for “Dreamers” who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children. Meanwhile, students in Racine are organizing a trip to Washington, D.C. to rally for DACA protection. > FOX 6 Milwaukee and Racine Journal Times

Across Wisconsin, recent rises in hate, bias incidents spark concern


Experts say the hate and bias-related incidents in Wisconsin this year are part of a nationwide trend, with many white supremacists sharing the belief that increasing diversity in the U.S is a threat to their race. But the roots of their fear stretch years before the election of Donald Trump. > Wisconsin Public Radio

‘Dreamers’ publicly pressure Paul Ryan in Janesville


Lighted letters spelling D-R-E-A-M A-C-T N-O-W moved steadily down St. Lawrence Avenue in Janesville Thursday night as more than 100 protesters marched to Rep. Paul Ryan’s house to demand protection for young undocumented immigrants. > Janesville Gazette