Committee hears testimony on GOP bills that would change tenant-landlord relationship



While sponsors of Republican legislation argue it would promote affordable housing and create a fair rental housing market, others say it would tilt power more toward landlords and limit municipal powers. Some even say it could contribute to homelessness in Wisconsin. > Cap Times

Wisconsin signs extension for funding homeless vet programs


The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs says its programs for homeless veterans will remain open at state homes in King and Union Grove. State officials learned in June that federal reimbursements for the homeless housing programs would end in September. But after appealing to the Trump administration, a one-year extension was granted. > AP News / Star Tribune

Wisconsin gets funding reprieve for homeless veterans


Homeless vet In Need

President Trump’s administration has decided to extend funding to house homeless veterans at state homes in King and Union Grove, Wisconsin. State officials learned late Friday they would receive the money for another year to give them time to consider overhauling its programs to qualify for more permanent funding. > AP News / US News

Wisconsin lawmakers from both sides demand homeless vet funds be restored


A bipartisan group of over 80 Wisconsin legislators demanded Friday that President Trump restore funding to put homeless veterans in two state homes, warning that the cut would worsen veterans’ suffering. The state learned in mid-June that funding will end in September for programs at homes in King and Union Grove. > Beloit Daily News

Subeck explains how proposed bills could help the homeless

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 8.26.33 AM

In this short clip from WPT’s “Closer Look”, State Rep. Lisa Subeck (D-Madison) explains how bills she proposed would help house the homeless population. Subeck aims to fund the bills by increasing government vouchers for housing, and to fund a program to help prevent evictions in cases of a temporary financial crisis.  >  Wisconsin Public Television

Lt. Gov. Kleefisch talks homelessness on WPT’s “Here & Now”

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The state Assembly passed four bills on homelessness this week: one bringing together state agencies to form a coordinating council lead by Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, and another awarding a $75,000 grant to one community to find jobs for its homeless population. Watch the Kleefisch segment from WPT’s “Here & Now” program here.  >  Wisconsin Public Television

Dems say GOP bills only offer ‘cosmetic solution’ to homelessness

In the face of backlash from Democrat lawmakers for inadequately addressing homelessness, the Wisconsin Assembly passed a series of Republican bills offering housing, employment and support for the homeless this week.  >  Badger Herald