Report: Despite low unemployment, number of uninsured Wisconsin kids not dropping

Despite Wisconsin’s low unemployment rate, the state isn’t making headway on reducing the number of kids without health insurance, according to a recent report from the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families. And the problem is bigger than Wisconsin. > Cap Times

Health costs a burden for Wisconsin’s middle-income families

If it seems like more of your paycheck is going to health care, it is. A national survey of workplace health plans shows costs are rising in Wisconsin and across the United States while worker salaries aren’t growing at the same pace. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Wisconsin lawmakers reject bill to protect pre-existing conditions

In another early-morning vote, state senators failed to deliver on a campaign promise from Gov. Scott Walker to approve legislation that protects health insurance coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. All Democrats and two Republicans in the Senate voted against that legislation. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

To sell Medicaid expansion, Tony Evers vows to enlist health care industry, visit GOP areas


Gov.-elect Tony Evers says he’ll enlist the health care industry and visit Republican-leaning areas to sell a deeply skeptical GOP Legislature on a cornerstone of his first budget plan: to expand Medicaid health coverage to 80,000 Wisconsinites. > Wisconsin State Journal

Republicans eye pre-existing conditions bill for lame duck session


Republican lawmakers are considering passing a bill guaranteeing health insurance for people with pre-existing conditions as part of a lame-duck legislative session next week that could also include measures to weaken Wisconsin’s Democratic Gov.-elect Tony Evers. > AP News

Evers to tour state as he makes case for Obamacare expansion

Gov.-elect Tony Evers plans to make expanding health insurance under Obamacare a top priority and will tour the state to make his case for it next year. In comments Wednesday, Evers made plain he will use his bully pulpit to try to get the provision through a Legislature controlled by Republicans. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Mark Pocan: House Dems will prioritize health care, wages, infrastructure, election reform

House Democrats will make every effort to deliver on the promises that brought them into the majority of the U.S. House, Rep. Mark Pocan said Monday. “We are going to respond to what we ran on, to make sure that we’re delivering on what delivered us the majority,” Pocan told reporters. > Cap Times