‘Right to try’ bills gaining ground in Wisconsin, federally


Proposals allowing those with life-threatening illnesses to get unapproved, experimental drugs are making headway at the federal and state levels. Sen. Ron Johnson’s  so-called “right to try” bill recently passed the U.S. Senate, and a similar bill passed the Wisconsin Assembly in March, though the Wisconsin Medical Society opposes the bills. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Johnson walks back comments on McCain’s condition during repeal vote


After being pilloried in the press after saying Sen. McCain’s recent cancer diagnosis might have played a role in his vote against the health care bill, Sen. Ron Johnson said Thursday that he has “the deepest respect” for Sen. John McCain and was not implying that the Arizona senator was impaired during the vote. > Washington Times

Mayor Barrett says Wisconsin on $700M hook after Walker rejected federal ACA funding


Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says the state is on the hook for nearly $700 million after Gov. Scott Walker rejected federal funding under the Affordable Care Act, and in a press conference Wednesday, he called on the Governor and state legislators to reverse their position and start accepting those federal dollars. > FOX6

Johnson: McCain’s brain tumor ‘might have factored in’ to his no vote

Ron Johnson

Sen. Ron Johnson wondered out loud whether Sen. John McCain’s recently diagnosed brain cancer and the late-night timing of the vote might have been factors in why McCain ultimately decided to vote against the skinny Obamacare repeal last month. > Talking Points Memo

With failure of ObamaCare repeal, Rep. Kind calls on Walker to expand Medicaid

Ron Kind

U.S. Rep. Ron Kind sent Gov. Walker a letter Tuesday, writing that the failure by Republicans to repeal ObamaCare signals that “the time for partisan attacks on the law has passed. The Affordable Care Act is the law of the land.” Without Medicaid expansion, Kind warned taxpayers could lose out on almost $1 billion in savings. > The Hill

Johnson: Put healthcare reform on back burner and focus on other legislative issues


Speaking to CNN’s Jake Tapper, Sen. Ron Johnson said it’s probably time for legislators to focus on the economy while negotiating healthcare in the background: “I think we ought to turn our attention to the debt ceiling and funding the government and tax cuts until we can really get all the parties together.” > Washington Examiner

Baldwin among those introducing ‘Medicare at 55’

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 3.10.01 PM

While Republicans try to find ways to keep people off Medicaid, Sen. Tammy Baldwin is among a group of Democrats who’ve introduced the “Medicare at 55 Act.” It’s not a new idea, and it obviously can’t pass with this Congress or president. But it demonstrates an approach mainstream Dems will be taking in the near future. > Washington Post