Fact-checking Evers’ claim that Walker backs plans that end protection for pre-existing conditions

Gov. Scott Walker has pledged that if Obamacare is repealed, he would seek legislation to guarantee coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. But it’s not clear how that legislation would compare to Obamacare and not clear if it could pass the Legislature. > PolitiFact Wisconsin

The strange lawsuit by Brad Schimel

A basic axiom of politics is that elected officials align their policies to the interests of their constituents. It is not surprising, for example, that few officials in West Virginia or other coal-mining states advocate for less coal burning. Yet, a federal lawsuit that Wisconsin’s Attorney General Brad Schimel is pursuing violates this rule. > Urban Milwaukee

Leah Vukmir peddling Donald Trump’s snake oil

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When U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin and her conservative challenger, Leah Vukmir, faced off  in their first debate, Vukmir’s talking points on health care came straight from the president, who is claiming that building on the successful model of Medicare “would eviscerate Medicare.” > Cap Times

After casting doubts, Fitzgerald says state Senate would vote to cover pre-existing conditions

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said earlier today he had doubts there would be enough Senate Republican votes to pass legislation requiring insurance coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. But after media reports on his comments, he released a statement saying the Senate would, in fact, pass such a bill if needed. > Cap Times

Checking facts: Would ‘Medicare for All’ really double every American’s tax bill?

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During a Sept. 4. 2018 interview, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson said about a single-payer health care system: “You could double every American’s tax bill and it still wouldn’t pay for it. It sure sounds good: ‘Free health care for everybody.’ But it’s not free.” Is Johnson right about a doubled tax bill? > Politifact Wisconsin

Tony Evers says he’ll protect coverage for pre-existing conditions

Health care is a major issue leading into the election this November and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers knows it. Evers came to Madison on Monday, where he dedicated his press conference to talking about treatment costs, prescription drug prices and pre-existing conditions. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Schimel, Kaul spar over ACA, opioids, school safety in third debate

Wisconsin’s Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel and Democratic challenger Josh Kaul met in Milwaukee Tuesday — the third debate between the candidates. Similar to their first two appearances, Schimel and Kaul sparred over how to address the opioid crisis, school safety measures and the Affordable Care Act. > Wisconsin Public Radio