How each of Wisconsin’s congressional delegates responded to the Charlottesville violence


While both of Wisconsin’s U.S. Senators and all eight of the state’s U.S. Representatives spoke out against the violence, some were more pointed than others, and some were more critical of President Donald Trump’s response. Wisconsin Public Radio‘s lays out all ten responses.

Grothman says nobody on the Hill is talking about Trump Jr. story, while Kind says ‘everyone’s talking about it’

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While U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman dismissed the idea that Trump, Jr.’s story was hindering GOP work, saying ” people aren’t even talking about it,” Rep. Ron Kind said, “Everyone’s talking about it. If we can’t agree this is a serious threat to our democracy, then I’m not sure where we’re heading as a nation.” > Wisconsin Public Radio

Grothman doubts Great Lakes funding will be zeroed out


Trump wants to shut down the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which currently receives federal funding worth $300 million a year. But U.S. Rep. Glen Grothman said: “I think a lot of it is going to be restored. I’d be shocked if most of it wasn’t restored.” > Wisconsin Public Radio

BlueWisconsin infographic: Which Wisconsin legislators reach across the aisle most and least?

Based on the annual Bipartisan Index released every spring by the Lugar Center, this BlueWisconsin data graphic shows how bipartisan (or not) each of Wisconsin’s congressional legislators were in last year’s congress.

Lugar Center 2017 PNG8

Two Democrats, including a Kohl, emerge to challenge Grothman in 2018


Two Democratic candidates have stepped up to challenge U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman for his 6th Congressional District seat in 2018: Scott Olmer, who owns a marketing consulting business in Plymouth, and Dan Kohl, nephew of former Milwaukee Bucks owner and Sen. Herb Kohl. > Sheboygan Press

Grothman backs Trump pulling out of Paris Climate Accord


U.S. Congressman Glenn Grothman applauded President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord. Grothman contends the nation’s air and water are cleaner than they were a generation ago, so Trump was right to question staying in the agreement. “I was glad that Donald Trump had the guts to say no.” > Wisconsin Radio Network

Former legislative aide says Wisconsin GOP was ‘giddy’ about making it harder to vote


A former Republican legislative aide testified that state legislators were “giddy” at the prospect that a radical rewrite of voting laws would benefit their political prospects. The aide was in the room in 2011 when Republican state senators were scheming to enact Wisconsin’s voter ID law, and in his testimony, he named names. > The Nation