Bernie Sanders talks tax reform to energize Green Bay progressives


Sen. Bernie Sanders returned to Wisconsin Saturday to urge supporters to finish what they helped start when they propelled him to victory in the state’s 2016 presidential primary. Sanders told an estimated audience of 1,000 that it’s up to supporters to get involved in politics to continue the fight. > Green Bay Press-Gazette

Democrats continue to call out Walker for not holding special elections


Democrats continue to call Gov. Scott Walker’s decision not to call a special election for two vacant seats in the state Legislature unconstitutional. Sen. Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) said leaving the seats open leaves nearly 175,000 people without a voice in the Legislature until early 2019. > Green Bay Press-Gazette

Bernie Sanders coming to rally in Wisconsin

Sen. Bernie Sanders will join progressive groups in Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan next week as part of a nationwide campaign to drum up grassroots opposition to the Republican agenda ahead of the midterm elections. > CNN

Hundreds attend Saturday’s Green Bay Women’s March

Screenshot 2018-01-20 at 5.27.07 PM

Hundreds of people took to the streets Saturday as part of the Green Bay Women’s March. The national theme of the marches was “Power to the Polls,” and kicks off a year-long voter registration drive. > Green Bay Press-Gazette

Wisconsin Women’s March 2018: Saturday in Milwaukee, Green Bay and Eau Claire


One year after the first, momentous Women’s March on Washington and its sister events across the country and around the globe, the Wisconsin Women’s March chapter has organized events this Saturday, Jan. 20, in Milwaukee, Green Bay and Eau Claire. You can find the details at

Not all of Wisconsin is losing young adult workers – some areas are gaining


Educated young adults, the narrative goes, are fleeing Wisconsin in droves for better job opportunities elsewhere. But new research from UW-Extension and UW-Madison finds that 15 percent of communities in the state are actually gaining adults ages 20-39. > Green Bay Press-Gazette