Foxconn project creating interest and concern in Great Lakes Basin


A group representing mayors from around the Great Lakes says it’s concerned about exemptions from environmental regulations being given by Wisconsin for the large Foxconn electronics factory planned for Racine County. > Wisconsin Public Radio

While Trump dithers, Asian carp disaster threatens Great Lakes


Asian carp have breached an electric barrier near Chicago and been discovered just nine miles from Lake Michigan, raising fears that an ecological disaster awaits the Great Lakes fishery. With the Trump administration sitting on a plan that might stop the invasive fish, lawmakers are demanding its release. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Invasive Asian carp found close to Lake Michigan


Despite electric barriers in Illinois waterways to contain the invasive fish, a commercial fishermen caught an Asian carp 9 miles from Lake Michigan Thursday. Rep. Sean Duffy and Sen. Tammy Baldwin are among lawmakers calling for the release of a delayed Army Corps study that outlines options for preventing the spread of Asian carp. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Grothman doubts Great Lakes funding will be zeroed out


Trump wants to shut down the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which currently receives federal funding worth $300 million a year. But U.S. Rep. Glen Grothman said: “I think a lot of it is going to be restored. I’d be shocked if most of it wasn’t restored.” > Wisconsin Public Radio

Trump’s broken promise on protecting the Great Lakes

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As signaled in March, Trump’s budget eliminates funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which has provided $2.2 billion since 2010. This is not feel-good funding; the programs are necessary to sustain the health of the lakes, a national treasure and resource on which millions of people rely for jobs, recreation and drinking water. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Waukesha’s plan to divert and return Lake Michigan water survives

The Great Lakes Compact Council unanimously voted to let Waukesha keep its approval to divert millions of gallons of Lake Michigan water per day and return treated wastewater to the lake via the Root River.  >  Racine Journal Times