$20M Democratic ad buy targets 4 states key to redistricting


The Democratic Governors Association announced Friday that it’s spending $20 million on fall TV ads in four states where newly elected governors will play a key role in the next round of congressional redistricting. The ad buys target the battleground states of Michigan, Nevada, Ohio and Wisconsin. > AP News

Holder campaigns for Dallet as GOP questions her ability to hear controversial cases


Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder visited Milwaukee and Madison Thursday to implore liberal activists to turn out the vote for Supreme Court candidate Rebecca Dallet and fight election maps that favor Republicans. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Redistricting critics stage rigged basketball game to highlight gerrymandering injustice

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 8.40.42 PM

Advocates for fair legislative maps are going to new lengths to tell the public that the current system is unfair, staging a basketball game outside the capitol between the “People” and the “Politicians.” The “Politicians” team had all the advantages: more players, a lower hoop, and a referee on their side. > Wisconsin Public Radio

New districts in 2018 unlikely as SCOTUS continues weighing Wisconsin gerrymandering suit


The court may yet issue a decision that strikes down the district lines Republican state legislators drew almost seven years ago. But the issue, as far as this year’s elections are concerned, is that time is running out. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Screnock says he wouldn’t hear cases about legislative maps


Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Michael Screnock says if elected, he would not hear any cases involving legislative maps that his former law firm helped draft. But if the court took up cases on Act 10, he’d have to see the details before deciding whether to recuse himself. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Here’s where the big redistricting court fights stand


As the 2020 census count looms — which lawmakers use to draw proportional electoral district lines every ten years — gerrymandering cases in Wisconsin, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia could affect the next round of redistricting and upend the control of Congress and state legislatures over the next decade. > Axios