Rep. Jimmy Anderson: Redistricting reform won’t save us


We need to have an honest conversation about our future. For many Democrats and our allies, we act as if winning the case challenging Wisconsin’s gerrymandered maps case will be a silver bullet for our electoral woes, believing that fairly drawn maps will solve all of our problems. This is dangerously shortsighted. > Cap Times

Counties where Trump and Walker won want to end gerrymandering, too


More voices are joining the fight for fair voting districts, as the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments last week on Wisconsin’s gerrymandered maps. Representing every corner of the state, the Wisconsin Counties Association overwhelmingly passed a resolution recently urging the Legislature to adopt a nonpartisan process for drawing voting districts. > Wisconsin State Journal

Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate: Political values of state high court justices matter


In a guest column for the Cap Times, Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Time Burns writes: Wisconsin is ultimately not dependent on the U.S. Supreme Court’s gerrymandering decision to fix our redistricting problems. Our state has a constitution, too, and any redistricting measure has to comply with it. That’s why the political values of our judges matter.


Wisconsin’s partisan gerrymandering gets the Sonia Sotomayor treatment


After justices had debated abstract principles of law (and math) for nearly half an hour during Tuesday’s oral arguments, the highlight came when Justice Sonia Sotomayor posed a very simple inquiry that cut to the core of the case. > Slate

The Supreme Court looks poised to strike down gerrymandering. Here’s why.


The Supreme Court is hearing arguments for a challenge to the extreme gerrymandering of the Wisconsin legislature, which enabled Republicans to capture 60 out of 99 seats in the Wisconsin Assembly with less than 50 percent of the vote. And the arguments suggest that a majority of justices may finally rule that Republicans have gone too far. > THE WEEK

The Supreme Court just might be ready to end partisan gerrymandering


If Kennedy sides with more liberal members of the court and tips the balance against gerrymandering, that would upset the calculations of some of the most economically and politically powerful players in the country. In fact, it would launch a redistricting revolution that would only start in Wisconsin. > The Nation

U.S. Supreme Court justices begin dissecting Wisconsin’s partisan gerrymandering case Tuesday


The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday over Wisconsin’s gerrymandered legislative map in a pivotal case that could upend how states draw voting districts. The justices questioned attorneys for just over an hour in a full courtroom as dozens of people rallied outside, calling for the justices to throw out Wisconsin’s map. > Wisconsin State Journal