Evers: Walker making ‘ridiculous’ claims to distract from his roads record


Democratic governor nominee Tony Evers said Thursday that increasing gas taxes is “on the table” if he’s elected, while suggesting he might also overhaul the income tax code to make the wealthy pay more while giving lower-wage earners a break. > Wisconsin State Journal

In State of Education address, Evers calls Walker’s priorities ‘out of whack’


Democrat Tony Evers said Thursday that “everything is on the table” for transportation funding if he is elected governor. At the same time, Evers indicated he would not raise the state’s gas tax by as much as $1, as Gov. Scott Walker has suggested he might. > Cap Times

Dem governor candidates call for more road funding, back higher gas taxes

A Spotless Gas Pump

The eight Democrats running for governor called Friday for investing more in the state’s roads, with all eight saying they supported putting in place automatic annual increases in the 32.9-cent-per-gallon gas tax. Many of them also called for other increases to help pay for highways, local roads and bus systems. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dem governor candidates float gas tax increases at transportation forum

The Democrats vying to unseat Gov. Scott Walker are generally in agreement that, if elected, they would put more money into Wisconsin’s roads. Where they differ is exactly how they’d do that. > Cap Times

While Walker opposes raising gas tax, Dem challengers would hike it to avoid construction delays


The Democratic candidates for governor want to put more money into Wisconsin’s roads, and most of them are prepared to raise the gas tax to do it — an idea that GOP Gov. Scott Walker has long opposed. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Trump’s infrastructure plan may leave Walker in road funding quandary


President Trump touted rolled out his infrastructure plan Monday, but his proposal may leave state Republicans as split as ever when it comes to road funding. The plan Trump unveiled would put $1.5 trillion toward infrastructure over the next decade, but just $200 billion of it would come from the federal government. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

State Journal: ‘Yes, please, increase the gas tax for better Wisconsin roads’


Gov. Scott Walker recently said he’s open to raising Wisconsin’s gas tax for the first time in more than a decade. That’s good, because our transportation system definitely needs more investment. Wisconsin’s roads are the worst in the Midwest, according to a state audit, and nearly the worst in the nation. > Wisconsin State Journal