Where does Wisconsin’s congressional delegation stand on Trump’s tariffs?


President Trump’s decision to announce tariffs on steel and aluminum imports has drawn warnings of a trade war by Republican critics, including by Gov. Scott Walker, who has asked Trump to reconsider. The Cap Times runs through all 10 of the state’s U.S. Senators and Representatives on where they stand regarding the tariffs.

Watch: Gallagher voices support for DACA protections, if border security is bolstered

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U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher says he supports allowing some undocumented immigrants to remain in the country so long as steps are taken to secure the nation’s borders. Watch video clips of his interview at the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Where each member of Wisconsin’s Congressional delegation stands on net neutrality



The Cap Times runs through the net neutrality position of Wisconsin’s two U.S. Senators and all eight of its House Representatives.

Gallagher supports legislation to nix sexual harassment ‘hush fund’


A proposal to stop taxpayer money from being used to secretly settle sexual harassment claims in Congress is gaining bipartisan support at the U.S. Capitol, including from U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher, who so far is the only Wisconsin House member among 75 co-sponsors of the bill. > Green Bay Press-Gazette

Rep. Gallagher talks North Korea, Net Neutrality, and Alabama senate race


U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher spoke Wednesday about North Korea sanctions, the Alabama Senate race that’s been rocked by sexual assault allegations, and the Trump administration’s intentions for changing rules that impact how you use the Internet. > WBAY Green Bay

Rep. Gallagher pens column on tax reform


Before the debate over tax reform heats up in the coming weeks, it’s worth pausing for a second to ask: What is this all about? Well, the last time the United States did major tax reform it was 1986. I was just two years old. > Green Bay Press-Gazette

Gallagher: No support for Obamacare subsidies without longer-term reform


U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher said he wouldn’t support restoring Affordable Care Act insurance subsidies unless it is tied to a more substantive effort to cut health care costs, calling the subsidies a bailout for insurers that will push costs higher unless more concrete action is taken to lower the cost of care. > Green Bay Press-Gazette