UW Regents set ‘guidepost’, but no GOP-proposed penalties, for campus free speech


The UW Board of Regents on Friday unanimously adopted a “guidepost” on free speech protections that does not impose the penalties some GOP lawmakers are demanding for students who disrupt controversial speakers. It remains to be seen whether the move will be enough to stave off lawmaker proposals that prescribe disciplinary action. > Stevens Point Journal

Senate unlikely to take up campus speech bill before fall


A Republican bill toughening penalties for disruptive campus protests that passed the state Assembly last week likely won’t come up in the Senate until this fall. It’s not yet clear whether Senate Republicans will embrace the legislation as eagerly as their Assembly counterparts. > Wisconsin State Journal

Opponents of campus speech bill accuse GOP of being free expression hypocrites and UW enemies


In debate on the Assembly floor Thursday, Democratic opponents of a Wisconsin campus speech bill accused Republicans of hypocrisy in presenting themselves as champions of free speech while they routinely squelch protest in the Capitol and try to silence speech at the UW that they don’t like. > The Cap Times

Assembly approves bill on campus free speech, sending it to Senate


UW students who repeatedly disrupt campus speakers or presentations could be suspended or expelled under a Republican-backed bill the state Assembly passed Wednesday, with no Democrats in support. The controversial bill now heads to the Senate. > AP News / Washington Post

Assembly voting today on campus free speech, voucher school changes, election recounts, groundhogs and more


Stories on each vote available at these links: campus free speech bill (Wisconsin Public Radio); voucher school background checks (AP News); limiting election recounts (AP News); allowing hunting of woodchucks (AP News); allowing chiropractors to perform sports exams (AP News); and relaxing the deer baiting/feeding ban in counties with CWD (AP News).


Kremer: Heat I received for belief Earth is 6,000 years old shows need for UW speech bill


Rep. Jesse Kremer (R-Kewaskum), who believes the earth is 6,000 years old, said last week the blowback he’s received for his beliefs demonstrates the need for legislation regulating speech on college campuses. During a hearing on that proposal last month, Kremer said: “The Earth is 6,000 years old, that’s a fact.” > The Cap Times