Protest outside, but no interruptions for guns-on-campus advocate at UW-Madison event


A conservative commentator speaking at UW-Madison Tuesday advocated for allowing firearms on campuses on the coattails of a new policy that disciplines students for disrupting others’ free expression. Katie Pavlich, a columnist, Fox News contributor and author, spoke to a nearly full lecture hall, and went uninterrupted. Students protested outside, however – with props. > Wisconsin State Journal

Wisconsin professors raised partisanship worries over Thompson Center


UW-Madison political science professors involved in the creation of a new publicly funded policy center expressed concern that there wasn’t enough balance between Democratic and Republican speakers at its first planned major event, newly released emails show. > Wisconsin State Journal

Cap Times: UW regents’ assault on free speech is indefensible


The regents have voted for new UW policies that threaten to suspend and expel students who dare to protest against the hatred expressed by Nazis, fascists and defenders of the Confederacy, creating special rights for proponents of bigotry while restricting the rights of students who object to bigotry. > Cap Times 

Legislators’ free speech talk is a bad joke


From columnist Bill Berry: “Some state lawmakers would like to expel students who disrupt presentations by controversial speakers. Oddly, though, some of the same lawmakers who bill themselves as guardians of free speech for campus speakers don’t think citizens have the same rights.” > Cap Times

UW Regents prepare free speech policy to enforce Republican bill


UW chancellors would be responsible for guaranteeing disciplinary action — including expulsion — for students who disrupt free expression by others on their campuses, under a proposed Board of Regents policy. The draft sets out procedures and sanctions for students mirroring those in a Republican bill that was approved by the state Assembly in June. > Cap Times

UW Regents set ‘guidepost’, but no GOP-proposed penalties, for campus free speech


The UW Board of Regents on Friday unanimously adopted a “guidepost” on free speech protections that does not impose the penalties some GOP lawmakers are demanding for students who disrupt controversial speakers. It remains to be seen whether the move will be enough to stave off lawmaker proposals that prescribe disciplinary action. > Stevens Point Journal

Senate unlikely to take up campus speech bill before fall


A Republican bill toughening penalties for disruptive campus protests that passed the state Assembly last week likely won’t come up in the Senate until this fall. It’s not yet clear whether Senate Republicans will embrace the legislation as eagerly as their Assembly counterparts. > Wisconsin State Journal