Ripon College under siege by conservatives, but fact check determines the claims are false


Conservative news sites and pundits are falsely accusing Ripon College, a private liberal arts school in Wisconsin, of banning posters that are part of a campus 9/11 memorial display because it might make Muslim students feel uncomfortable. > AP News

Her graduation speech called for equality. Administrators said, ‘Sorry, too controversial’.

Tomahawk High School administrators told a straight-A student she would need to remove references to discrimination and school shootings in order to deliver her commencement address. She decided not to give the speech instead. > Wausau Daily Herald

Wisconsin not the only state cracking down on campus protests


Wisconsin is not alone in aiming to curb free speech on college campuses. Republican-led state legislatures in Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina have imposed similar policies on public colleges and universities, and bills to establish campus speech guidelines are under consideration in at least seven other legislatures. > NY Times

Inside the ‘free speech’ debate that rocked a Wisconsin campus and rippled across the country

PBS News Hour looks in-depth at the clashes on college campuses, spurred by extremist speakers, that have compelled legislators in more than a dozen states to introduce bills to punish hecklers, with the Wisconsin legislature adopting the country’s strictest policy.

Bipartisan mix of speakers on tap for new UW center


The kick-off event for the new publicly funded Tommy G. Thompson Center on Public Leadership at UW-Madison has a bipartisan mix of speakers, including Republican Rep. Glenn Grothman and Democratic Assembly Minority Leader Gordon Hintz. > Wisconsin Public Radio

GOP lawmakers aim to crack down on rioters with felony punishments


Legislative Republicans want to put in place tougher penalties for rioters after protests turned violent in Sherman Park in 2016, but opponents say peaceful protesters are the ones who will pay. > FOX6 Milwaukee

The battle over free speech on campus


With one of the latest salvos in the national battle to claim “freedom of speech” for the right coming from Scott Walker and his allies, the series Interviews for Resistance talks to Thomas Gunderson, an undergraduate at the UW-Madison who is organizing against the policy with the group OUR Wisconsin Revolution. > Bill Moyers & Company