Walker spent billions to attract jobs the state can’t fill due to his backward leadership


In his bid for a third term as Wisconsin’s governor, Scott Walker is scrambling to create a positive narrative of his economic leadership. With worker shortages, fleeing millennials, a shrinking middle class, and a backward approach to almost everything, that’s a tall order. > Wisconsin Gazette

NY Times: Wisconsin’s fire sale for big business


Gov. Scott Walker had already reached desperate levels to entice a big electronics company to locate in Wisconsin, agreeing to an eye-popping $3 billion in state subsidies to secure the arrival of Foxconn. But wait, there’s more, as he also agreed to exempt Foxconn from the state environmental requirements that other companies have to follow. > NY Times

DOJ: Foxconn project ‘imperiled’ by Eau Claire lawsuit


The $10 billion Foxconn factory in Racine County could be “imperiled” by a lawsuit challenging an economic development project in Eau Claire, according to the Wisconsin Justice Department. At issue in the suite is whether local economic incentives can result in cash payments to a private developer or company. > La Crosse Tribune

Walker touts Foxconn’s benefit to Green Bay audience


A Foxconn executive and Gov. Scott Walker were in Green Bay to explain how local businesses in the northern part of the state will benefit from a massive plant in southern Wisconsin, insisting that the plant will be good for business in all corners of the state. > ABC 2 Green Bay

Foxconn position separates 10th Senate District GOP opponents


Two GOP Assembly members vying to be the next state senator from northwestern Wisconsin’s 10th Senate District share similar political persuasions — except for their vote on the recent Foxconn deal. State Reps. Adam Jarchow and Shannon Zimmerman will face each other in a primary to run for Sen. Sheila Harsdorf’s vacant seat. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Can $6.8 million convince millennials and veterans that Wisconsin is more than ‘beer, cheese and Packers football’?


Gov. Scott Walker says Wisconsin doesn’t have enough workers, and he’s proposing a marketing campaign to change that. Tricia Braun of the WEDC appeared on “UpFront with Mike Gousha” to explain the new marketing plan, which she said was about finding “a way that we can talk about Wisconsin differently, that’s more attractive.” > Cap Times

Walker says candy-maker Haribo was concerned about Foxconn entry


Gov. Scott Walker says German candy-maker Haribo was concerned about its ability to find workers for its planned Wisconsin gummy bear factory after news broke that Foxconn Technology Group was building a massive facility nearby. > AP News / U.S. News