A last-minute roundup of Wedge Issues podcasts before Tuesday’s primary

For voters still making up their mind — particularly in the Democratic gubernatorial primary — here’s a round-up of interviews with candidates and strategists. > Cap Times

Has Dem candidates’ lack of attack on Evers played right into Walker’s hands?


Conservative Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Christian Schneider posits that Tony Evers is the candidate Scott Walker most wants to face in November, and suggests Kelda Roys is the candidate he’d be least prepared for. Is he right? > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Read or listen to Milwaukee Public Radio’s coverage of all eight Dem governor candidates

Milwaukee Public Radio concluded its interview series Thursday with the eight candidates in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. You can listen to each interview or read the transcripts here.

Flynn later ropes Mitchell, Roys in with Evers in claiming they can’t beat Walker


Down in the polls with the primary just days away, gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn is going after fellow Democrats, saying they have a “snowball’s chance in hell” of defeating Scott Walker. Flynn attacked Tony Evers during a Wednesday forum, then broadened his attacks to Kelda Roys and Mahlon Mitchell in a Thursday interview. > Wisconsin State Journal

The Progressive’s take on Democratic governor debate

Twice before, Democratic candidates have sought to unseat Walker by essentially calling for a return to more bipartisan times. In both the recall election and in his 2012 re-election run, Walker’s bitter politics won. Does that mean it’ll take a more aggressive approach for the Democrats to turn things around? > The Progressive

Candidate roundup: Aug. 14 is almost here

The Capital Times has collected all of the op/eds it has run from statewide candidates running in Tuesday’s primary, as well as its editorials, endorsements and other Cap Times commentary about the Aug. 14 election. Find all the clickable links here.

In Madison debate, Dem governor candidates support each other, until Flynn goes after Evers

With just under a week left before the primary election, seven of the eight Democratic governor candidates made their case to voters Wednesday at a Madison forum. Although they stuck together in their focus against Walker almost throughout the evening, the conclusion drew strong words against Tony Evers from Matt Flynn. > Cap Times