WMC brags about how many wins they’ve scored with Wisconsin’s GOP legislature

In the latest issue of its “Wisconsin Business Voice” magazine, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) boasts that it won victories “too numerous to mention” from the Republican-dominated legislature last session. > Wisconsin Gazette

At convention, Wisconsin Republicans defiant against talk of a 2018 ‘blue wave’


Wisconsin Republican leaders were defiant in the face of a predicted “blue wave” of Democratic victories as they rallied supporters at the party’s state convention on Saturday.  “That blue wave is about to crash into the red wall,” said state Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald. > Cap Times

Rothschild: Local democracy under assault in Wisconsin

Gov. Scott Walker, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos have taken the assault on local democracy to new and dangerous heights, passing more than 160 bills that interfere with local self-government — and this from the political party that championed local control! > Cap Times

Fitzgerald wants to close strip clubs in wake of charges

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald wants to shut down two strip clubs in his district in the wake of a federal human trafficking investigation. Fitzgerald said he has asked the state Department of Revenue to look into revoking the two clubs’ licenses and would introduce legislation to do so if necessary. > FOX 6 Milwaukee

Senate to take up bill curtailing special elections


The governor would no longer be required to call special elections for vacant state seats “as promptly as possible” under a measure the Senate plans to take up next week.

The bill would override a judge’s order last week that Gov. Walker call special elections for two vacant legislative seats. > Wisconsin State Journal

Since the law says Walker has to hold special elections, he and the GOP plan to just rewrite it


A day after a judge said Gov. Scott Walker was violating state law by refusing to call special elections for two vacant seats in the state legislature, the Republican leader of the state Senate said he’s exploring changing the law so that Walker does not have to call the elections. > Huff Post

Senate will not take up bill for more background checks on long guns


The Wisconsin Senate will not take up an Assembly proposal to expand the number of data sources consulted in background checks for rifle and shotgun purchases, Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said Friday. > Cap Times