GOP lawmakers say they’ve reached deals on taxes, youth prison, paving way for possible end to 2018 session

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said Tuesday that Senate Republicans had struck a deal with their Assembly counterparts on a youth prison overhaul package and a back-to-school sales tax holiday, potentially resolving two of the top issues facing state lawmakers as their 2018 business nears a close. > Wisconsin State Journal

Personality conflict could derail Walker’s election year ‘gimmicks’

walker vos fitz

With the Senate’s session set to end this week, Gov. Scott Walker’s election-year plans are in peril. Walker has been unable to broker a deal and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has accused the governor of leaving him out of negotiations. Meanwhile, Assembly Speaker Vos has refused to budge from his position. > Wisconsin Gazette

Senate GOP contemplating own school safety plan


Senate Republicans apparently aren’t sold on Gov. Scott Walker’s school safety legislation. Walker introduced legislation Thursday designed to create $100 million in new school safety grants. But Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said his chamber would take up its own school safety plan in regular session on Tuesday. > NBC 15 Madison

Walker urges Senate to take up juvenile corrections bill despite leader’s concerns


Gov. Scott Walker said Monday the state Senate should take up a bill next week to overhaul the state’s juvenile corrections system in spite of serious doubts cast by the Senate leader about the bill’s future. Walker has made the bill a priority of his re-election campaign. > Wisconsin State Journal

GOP senators consider providing state money for Wisconsin school safety upgrades


In the wake of a Florida school shooting, GOP lawmakers in Wisconsin are considering offering state money to help schools pay for safety upgrades, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said Wednesday: “It’ll be a (state) expenditure focused exclusively on facilities.” > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Fitzgerald: Assembly plan to close youth prison ‘not ready for prime time’


Although Gov. Scott Walker is saying the plan that the state Assembly passed to close the troubled Lincoln Hills youth prison will also pass the Senate, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald called the Assembly’s process to draft the bill “horrendous,” and said he doubts very much it will pass as is. > Wisconsin State Journal

Outlook brightens for Lincoln Hills shutdown as sheriffs, senators praise plan

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Two Wisconsin sheriffs’ groups Tuesday endorsed a bill shutting down Wisconsin’s only youth prison, as prospects for the plan suddenly appear brighter. It’s a far cry from last week, when Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said the plan was being rushed through and questioned whether it would pass in his chamber. > FOX 6 Milwaukee