Immigrants put America’s Dairyland, Trump in rearview mirror


Some Wisconsin dairy farm owners are seeing workers pack up their families and move back to Mexico. One farm owner remarks it’s like “The Grapes of Wrath,” only this time, in reverse: The migrants are leaving a land abundant with economic opportunity for an uncertain future in their homeland. > La Crosse Tribune

Trump’s combative trade stance has farm country on red alert


A sizable majority of rural Americans backed Trump’s presidential bid, drawn to his calls to slash environmental rules, strengthen law enforcement and replace the federal health care law. But last month, many of them struck a sour note after Trump signaled he was edging toward abandoning NAFTA. > Wisconsin State Journal

Explainer on Trump’s dairy war with Canada


This article lays out what happened, how NAFTA is involved, details about the U.S. dairy glut and why Canada doesn’t have one, and the elephant in the room of industrial dairy squeezing out smaller farms. > Modern Farmer

Rep. Kitchens: Polluted wells in Kewaunee County, elsewhere not getting attention they need


Two years ago, a report concluded that one-third of Kewaunee County wells provided unsafe drinking water. Today it’s risen to sixty percent, and Rep. Joel Kitchens (R-Sturgeon Bay) admits there’s been a policy of “looking the other way,” likely out of a reluctance to restrict agriculture, which drives the area’s economy.  >  FOX 11, Green Bay

Bill would identify ag products as “Made by a Veteran”

A bill introduced by Sen. Patrick Testin (R-Stevens Point) and Rep. Evan Goyke (D-Milwaukee) would provide a market assist to Wisconsin veterans by labeling their products as veteran-made, as well as deliver other benefits to the state.  >  WSAW Wausau

Homeowners in La Crosse County warned their water may not be safe to drink


La Crosse County’s health department has sent letters to 2,000 homeowners, urging them in bold, capital letters to have their wells tested for nitrate and coliform bacteria.  >  LaCrosse Tribune

The Week: Breaking down the why of the dairy dispute, and how to fix it

The proximate problem is about exports. But behind the export problem, dairy farmers are suffering a classic problem of overproduction. Luckily, good old New Deal anti-trust and farm protection policy is already on the shelf, ready to be dusted off.  >  THE WEEK