Health costs a burden for Wisconsin’s middle-income families

If it seems like more of your paycheck is going to health care, it is. A national survey of workplace health plans shows costs are rising in Wisconsin and across the United States while worker salaries aren’t growing at the same pace. > Wisconsin Public Radio

3 out of 4 eligible families claimed Walker’s child tax credit


Gov. Scott Walker’s office says Wisconsin families claimed $94.2 million from a child tax rebate the Republican incumbent proposed as he faces re-election in November. That’s short of the $122 million that could have been claimed by eligible families. > AP News

Report: More than one-third of Wisconsin households can’t afford basic necessities

united way

More than one-third of Wisconsin households can’t afford the basic necessities, according to a new report from the United Way of Wisconsin. The household survival budget includes housing, food, transportation, health insurance, for families that have children, child care, and new this year — the cost of a cell phone. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Case challenging Wisconsin’s ‘cocaine mom’ law is dismissed


A three-judge federal appeals panel dismissed a lawsuit Monday that challenged Wisconsin’s so-called “cocaine mom” law, saying the case is moot because the woman who brought the action has moved out of state. > AP News

Wisconsin Dems slam SNAP cuts in House Farm Bill

Some Wisconsin Democrats are speaking out against a House Farm Bill provision that makes massive cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Drafted with zero input from Democrats, and passed out of committee with only GOP votes, the bill is expected to be debated on the floor later this month. > Wisconsin Radio Network

Using veto power, Walker expands sales tax holiday, child tax credit

Gov. Scott Walker signed a one-time, $100 child tax credit and late-summer sales tax holiday into law Tuesday, using his veto pen to expand the tax holiday from two days to five. Under the law, Wisconsin parents will be able to claim $100 for every child under 18 years old living at home. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Senate advances child tax credit, but without sales tax holiday


A Senate committee held a public hearing on the one-time, $100 child tax credit, but didn’t discuss a tax holiday that was included in the Assembly’s version of the bill. > Wisconsin Public Radio