Fact check on Walker’s claim that state DOT is ahead of the game


Gov. Scott Walker recently said: “Road projects across the state are staying on track or getting done sooner thanks to the good work of the team at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.”  Is it true? PolitiFact Wisconsin digs in.

Tax reform claims by Gwen Moore, Paul Ryan get Politifact analysis

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Not surprisingly, claims made by House Speaker Paul Ryan about the benefits tax reform will bring to middle-class Americans paint a rosy picture, while Rep. Gwen Moore’s angle is in pointed contrast. Two Politifact Wisconsin articles measure the truthfulness of both statements.

Are red low-tax states funding blue high-tax states, or the other way around?


Republican leaders have spent months promoting the myth that red low-tax states are subsidizing blue high-tax states because of the deduction for state and local taxes. But an AP Press Fact Check finds the subsidizing actually goes the other direction — and in a big way. > WTOP Radio

The Walk-O-Meter: Rating two Scott Walker promises on higher education


With Gov. Scott Walker having completed his final two-year state budget before his second term ends, PolitiFact Wisconsin is reviewing promises he made during the 2014 campaign. Two of Walker’s campaign promises now receive final ratings on the Walk-O-Meter: freezing technical college tuition for two years, and increasing availability of tuition tax credits for certain students.

Wash Post calls out Ron Johnson’s fuzzy math on small-business tax cuts

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U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson has expressed opposition to the GOP tax plan approved by the Senate Finance Committee by arguing that it does not provide enough of a tax reduction for small businesses compared with big corporations, and that cutting taxes for these businesses would boost the economy. The Washington Post fact-checks his claims.

Is Glenn Grothman, as his rival claims, the most-partisan member of the U.S. House?


Dan Kohl, who is challenging U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman in 2018, claims the congressman is the most-partisan member of the U.S. House. In checking the claim, PolitiFact Wisconsin references the Lugar Center bipartisanship index, which we’ve featured with our own data graphic here.

His re-election run official, a look at Scott Walker’s 182 fact checks


Here’s an overview of how Walker has done on the Truth-O-Meter since September 2010 — when PolitiFact Wisconsin launched and when Walker was running for what turned out to be his first term as governor.