Are Walker’s frequent references to ‘historic funding’ for Wisconsin schools accurate?


Gov. Scott Walker frequently states that his 2017-’19 state budget funds K-12 education in Wisconsin at a historic level. What we’ve found is sometimes the governor is more specific, and more accurate, in making the claim. And other times he’s not. PolitiFact Wisconsin sorts it out.

PolitiFact checks Johnson’s claim that 3 states get 36% of healthcare funds

meter mostly false

Making a new argument for why the Affordable Care Act should be repealed, Sen. Ron Johnson said this week: “California, New York and Massachusetts represent about 20 percent of the population, but they get close to 36 percent of Obamacare funding. It’s just simply inequitable.” PolitiFact checks the numbers. > PolitiFact Wisconsin

Duffy claims Vermont’s single-payer healthcare was going bankrupt, when in fact it was never launched


U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy claimed last week: “The single-payer program was tried in Vermont, where Bernie Sanders is from. They had to scrap it, it was way too much money, they were going bankrupt.” While Vermont was the first state to adopt single-payer legislation, the program never was implemented.> PolitiFact Wisconsin

Fact-checking Trump’s claims about the economic impact of Reagan’s corporate tax cut

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In an op-ed for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sept. 3, Trump wrote: “In 1986, Ronald Reagan cut our business tax rate to 34 percent, well below the average rate of other developed nations at the time. It worked. Our economy boomed, the middle class thrived and median family income increased.” PolitiFact Wisconsin tests the claim’s validity.


Checking Trump’s repeated claim of credit for Wisconsin’s Foxconn deal


President Trump has repeatedly highlighted a proposal for Foxconn’s new LCD manufacturing plant in Wisconsin as evidence of progress toward one of his signature campaign promises: bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States. The Fact Checker at the Washington Post digs into his claim.

Paul Ryan’s misleading claim about a single mom, not Aaron Rodgers, paying the highest tax rate

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In his recent CNN Town Hall, Paul Ryan said: “Aaron Rodgers — who deserves every salary — is not the highest tax rate payer in this state. You know who is? The single mom getting 24 grand in benefits with two kids who would lose 80 cents on the dollar if she takes a job.” PolitiFact Wisconsin checks the facts.

Fact-check: Walker claims Pennsylvania lost Foxconn because GOP governor was replaced with a Dem

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In 2013, Foxconn promised a $30 million factory in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, area that would employ 500 people. There were big headlines, but the factory was never built. Asked by a reporter on July 28, 2017, why Foxconn wouldn’t do the same to Wisconsin, Gov. Walker said the difference is simple: “Pennsylvania changed governors.” > PolitiFact Wisconsin