Fights against Wisconsin sulfide mining now expected to go local


Depending on who you listen to, sulfide mining is now on the verge of bringing parts of Wisconsin either economic prosperity or environmental disaster. With Gov. Walker signing lifting the state’s metallic mining moratorium Monday, the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters says it’s mobilizing to go local in fighting the potentially toxic mines. > WIZM Radio 1410

Industry lobbyists and state lawmakers put public at risk on air pollution


It’s no surprise to Wisconsinites that wealthy industry heads and lobbyists have been the primary beneficiaries of the Walker administration, who has been eager to gift regulatory rollbacks to industry donors. Here is the “who, what, when, and how” as it applies to the repeal of Wisconsin’s longstanding air pollution regulations. > Cap Times

New coalition looks to grow conservative support for renewable energy


A new conservative group aims to build more support for renewable energy projects among Wisconsin Republicans. Former Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson is among those joining the Wisconsin Conservative Energy Forum, which launched Wednesday. > Wisconsin Public Radio

In rare move, DNR expert criticizes bill that would roll back hazardous air regulations


A bill supported by Republicans and business groups that would do away with state regulation of hazardous air pollutants has an unusual critic — a DNR expert who says the measure would weaken health protections in Wisconsin. It is rare for DNR employees to speak out on legislative issues. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Walker signs measure clearing way for copper and gold mining


Gov. Scott Walker signed a measure Monday clearing the way for mining copper and gold in Wisconsin, handing a win to business groups over the proposal’s environmental opponents. In the Rhinelander signing, Walker repealed a nearly two-decade-old state law that barred companies from extracting minerals besides iron because of pollution concerns. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Great Lakes, great stakes: A hostile EPA threatens to undo past progress


President Trump’s EPA head Scott Pruitt likens environmental stewardship to harvesting an apple orchard. But what if that orchard is bordered by eight states and two nations? What if it holds 20 percent of the world’s surface freshwater? > The Progressive