Vote ‘No’ on amendment to dump state treasurer

The GOP’s long-in-the-works plan to get rid of the state treasurer is equivalent to a company firing its auditor and chief financial officer and handing those duties to its CEO. On April 3, all Wisconsinites can cast their vote on whether they think this is a good idea. > The Progressive Media Project

In Texas, 2018’s first primary points to liberal enthusiasm

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Democratic voters showed up in force in Texas on Tuesday for the nation’s first primary of the year, providing fresh evidence that liberal enthusiasm could reshape even deeply Republican states come November. Turnout appeared to be up for both parties, but the Democrats showed the greatest growth. > Washington Post

Walker’s disrespect for Wisconsin democracy


John Nichols writes in the Cap Times that no Wisconsin governor has been more disrespectful of the state’s democratic traditions than Scott Walker, who has made it easier for billionaires to buy elections and harder for voters to cast ballots. But in refusing to hold special elections for vacant state seats, Walker has outdone himself.

State election officials looking to reduce number of voters missing from voting lists


State elections officials are hoping a review of voting lists will avoid a repeat of the Feb. 20 primary, during which some voters showed up at the polls to find their names had been purged from poll books. > Cap Times

As state elections chief departs, his top deputy to succeed him


State elections commissioners have voted unanimously to name the top deputy of the state’s departing elections chief, Michael Haas, to succeed him. Meagan Wolfe had served as assistant administrator of the state Elections Commission. > Wisconsin State Journal

Dallet, Screnock square off in first debate


Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates Rebecca Dallet and Michael Screnock each made the case Friday that it was their opponent that voters shouldn’t trust to decide cases fairly if elected to the state’s highest court. The two will fae off in the spring election Apr. 3. > Wisconsin State Journal

Watch tonight: Wisconsin Supreme Court debate


The first of two live, broadcast debates between the candidates running for Wisconsin Supreme Court will air tonight on a number of TV stations across the state, can be streamed, or can be watched when it’s replayed tomorrow. See details here.