Down-ballot races getting attention from groups on both sides

Wisconsin voters have big decisions to make on Election Day and it’s not just the US Senate and Governor’s races at the top of the ticket. There is also a down-ballot battle brewing that may not be on your radar yet. > NBC 4 Milwaukee

Study: Voter ID linked to lower turnout in Wisconsin, other states

Over the past 15 years, voting has become increasingly difficult for certain groups of residents. A recent PRRI/The Atlantic 2018 Voter Engagement Survey found that 5 percent of Wisconsinites surveyed said they or someone in their household was told they lacked the proper documentation to vote. > Channel 3000

How hackers could attack Wisconsin’s elections and what state officials are doing about it

Cybersecurity experts warn that private vendors, modems and removable memory devices make the state’s decentralized voting system vulnerable to attack. But state officials insist they are on top of the problem and that Wisconsin’s elections infrastructure is secure. > Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism

Secret political cash quietly reshaping Wisconsin laws

The flow of cash from outside groups seeking to influence Wisconsin elections has widened since the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision held that corporations could not be barred from making so-called independent expenditures. And activists are fighting back. > AP News

All the Tuesday election data you want

It was one for the history books, with many surprising results and newcomers. Urban Milwaukee provides a nutshell synopsis of all the statewide results, as well as those for Milwaukee-area districts.

Polls open until 8pm


It’s not too late to get yourself to the polls for today’s primary election. Polls are open statewide until 8pm, and you can find plenty of information here on all the Democratic candidates. To preview your ballot before heading out, simply visit My Vote WI.