State senate proposal has school districts paying large share of vouchers funding


A plan proposed by Senate Republicans Tuesday would spend $580 million on the Milwaukee, Racine and Statewide Parental Choice programs over the next two years. But more than a third would be paid for with cuts to the affected districts, who’d have to reduce budgets or increase taxes to fill the holes. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

$8.5M reasons Wisconsin GOP wants to expand school voucher eligibility


Assembly and Senate Republicans wrangling over the state budget agree on at least one major policy item: More state spending and higher income limits for the state’s school voucher programs. The reason is at least in part because voucher interests (most from out of state) doled out $8.5 million to support mostly Republican candidates from 2010-2016. > Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

GOP lawmakers want to widen voucher eligibility, but disagree on how much


Wisconsin lawmakers don’t agree on income limits for the voucher programs that let low- to middle-income students go to private schools at taxpayer expense. Right now, families at less than 185 percent of the federal poverty level qualify. Senate Republicans want to raise that to 220 percent, while Assembly Speaker Robin Vos favors 300 percent. > Wisconsin Public Radio

State schools superintendent Evers files to run for governor


State superintendent of public instruction Tony Evers, 65, has filed paperwork to run for governor in 2018, saying he’d heard from a number of supporters urging him to run after he earned 70 percent of votes in his statewide April election. But Evers isn’t calling the Friday filing a “final decision.” > Wisconsin State Journal

Push to give school vouchers to middle-income families hits wall


A proposal to expand the number of private school vouchers in Wisconsin isn’t gaining traction with some Republican lawmakers who have previously backed expanding school choice. Senate Republicans are opposing a plan to make the vouchers available to wealthier families, while Assembly Speaker Robin Vos supports the proposal. > Wisconsin State Journal

Evers announces he’s mulling a run against Walker


The 2018 Democratic gubernatorial primary got a jolt last week when Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers said he was contemplating a potential run. The Wisconsin State Journal considers how an Evers campaign could shake up the race.

State Journal: Firearms 101 a bad idea for schools


Most Wisconsin high schools don’t teach students how to drive cars anymore because of limited time and money. Yet some Republican lawmakers think today’s schools have the resources and need to start teaching teenagers how to handle and shoot guns. The Wisconsin State Journal says: “Seriously?”