Dem governor candidate Kelda Roys talks directly to teachers

In “an open letter to Wisconsin teachers,” former state Rep. Kelda Roys, a Democratic candidate for governor, listed the ways she says “you, your pocketbook, and your profession have been under attack” under Gov. Scott Walker’s administration. She referenced increasing class sizes, decreasing median salaries and closing rural schools. >

Walker is touting ‘record’ spending on schools. Don’t let him fool you.

PolitiFact Wisconsin updates its fact-checking on Scott Walker’s claim that his administration is making a “record investment in schools”. Turns out he makes the comparison without any account for inflation, and once you do that, the seven state budgets prior to Walker taking office spent more on schools than his current budget does.

The fight for Wisconsin schools is a fight for democracy


Nowhere is the crisis in our democracy clearer than in the battle over public schools, as Gov. Scott Walker, Betsy DeVos and other Republican policymakers push budget cuts and school privatization schemes that undermine the very foundations of public education, exacerbate inequality, and further divide people. > The Progressive

Walker op-eds why he thinks he deserves a third term

In his turn at a candidate’s op-ed in the Cap Times, Gov. Scott Walker makes his case for why “Wisconsin is working!”, citing his narratives on employment, school funding, taxes, and healthcare.

Scott Walker broke the unions. Now he says he’s the ‘education governor’.

Gov. Scott Walker became a conservative icon by breaking the teachers union in Wisconsin. Seven years later, he’s facing the political fight of his life against the state schools superintendent, and trying to reinvent himself — in part because his likely Democratic opponent is head of the Wisconsin school system. > POLITICO

Walker says if re-elected, he’ll freeze UW tuition for four more years

Gov. Scott Walker says if re-elected, he’ll seek to extend the existing UW System tuition freeze for in-state undergraduate students for another four years. Several of his Dem challengers have also said they will continue to freeze tuition, with most also wanting to make two-year and technical college tuition free. > Wisconsin State Journal