Invasive Asian carp found close to Lake Michigan


Despite electric barriers in Illinois waterways to contain the invasive fish, a commercial fishermen caught an Asian carp 9 miles from Lake Michigan Thursday. Rep. Sean Duffy and Sen. Tammy Baldwin are among lawmakers calling for the release of a delayed Army Corps study that outlines options for preventing the spread of Asian carp. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Protestors gathered in front of GOP offices in Milwaukee, Superior and Green Bay this weekend

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Protesting both the House and Senate health care bills, groups of Wisconsinites gathered in front of at least three federal lawmakers’ offices this weekend. The groups demonstrated in front of Sen. Ron Johnson’s Milwaukee office, Rep. Sean Duffy’s Superior office, and Rep. Mike Gallagher’s Green Bay office.

Duffy involved in overhauling federal flood insurance program

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The House Financial Services Committee, of which U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy is a member, is close to advancing major legislation to revamp federal flood insurance and make it more sustainable, and might even do so on a bipartisan basis. > The Hill

Duffy complains: ‘Why are we going through with this charade?’

Sean Duffy

Rep. Sean Duffy this week questioned why the special counsel probe is still underway now that Comey has said President Trump was not under investigation: “This seems more like an effort to prosecute Donald Trump than to investigate,” he said. “What the hell are we investigating? Why are we going through with this charade?” > TalkingPointsMemo

BlueWisconsin infographic: Which Wisconsin legislators reach across the aisle most and least?

Based on the annual Bipartisan Index released every spring by the Lugar Center, this BlueWisconsin data graphic shows how bipartisan (or not) each of Wisconsin’s congressional legislators were in last year’s congress.

Lugar Center 2017 PNG8

List of a dozen Dem-targeted House reps for 2018 includes 3 from Wisconsin

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A coalition of well-heeled Democratic groups is launching a grassroots-oriented effort targeting a dozen House Republican incumbents nationwide, including Paul Ryan, Sean Duffy and Mike Gallagher from Wisconsin. > McClatchy DC

Bipartisanship scores for Wisconsin’s DC legislators, with a Dem topping the list


Each spring, the Lugar Center releases its Bipartisan Index for U.S. Senators and Representatives of the previous congress. Among Wisconsin’s scored legislators, Rep. Ron Kind was the most bipartisan, followed by Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner. Rep. Glenn Grothman ranked almost dead last for the House, but most of Wisconsin’s Dem legislators scored negatively as well. > Wisconsin State Journal