Duffy: My constituents are ‘absolutely’ still behind President Trump (watch or read)

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Rep. Sean Duffy said on Fox News that the intense media focus on Charlottesville is hurting the GOP’s chances of passing its agenda. Asked whether his constituents are still behind the president, Duffy replied: “Absolutely. They haven’t left him yet,” although he acknowledged some are frustrated with his tweets and statements distracting from the agenda. > Fox News

How each of Wisconsin’s congressional delegates responded to the Charlottesville violence


While both of Wisconsin’s U.S. Senators and all eight of the state’s U.S. Representatives spoke out against the violence, some were more pointed than others, and some were more critical of President Donald Trump’s response. Wisconsin Public Radio‘s lays out all ten responses.

Wisconsin a key state for Russian hacking


There is increasing proof of widespread Russian cyber hacking. And yet there’s also evidence that certain states were targeted for more interference, and one of them was Wisconsin. Ultimately, key members of the state’s congressional delegation, namely Johnson, Ryan and Duffy, may be facing a raft of embarrassing questions over the situation. > Urban Milwaukee

Rep. Sean Duffy: Republicans must ‘grow a backbone,’ support Trump

Sean Duffy

Republicans must rally behind President Trump and his agenda, even if they don’t like his tweets, his language, or the political mistakes in his statements, Rep. Sean Duffy said last week. “This is the first time probably since Ronald Reagan that I’ve had a conservative president who embodies my ideas as a conservative,” Duffy said. > NewsMax

Politifact checks Duffy’s claim that half of counties have only one Obamacare provider, or none

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Wisconsin Republican U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy said in July: “You have almost half the counties in America that have one provider or no provider for insurance. This law is crumbling.” PolitiFact Wisconsin fact-checks the claim and finds that while it may become true in the future, it is false now.

Trump, GOP want regulators out of boardrooms, with Duffy among the vocal


Six years after the financial crisis, fall 2014 was a low point for Wall Street’s influence in the federal agencies tasked with overseeing it. Almost three years later, the opposite is true, with Republicans pushing to get regulators out of boardrooms. Among those speaking in favor of the deregulation is U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy. > Washington Examiner

Duffy bemoans ‘stupid Senate rules’, but that’s hardly the problem for doomed health care bill






It’s a frustrating time to be a Republican, and particularly a strongly pro-Trump Republican like Rep. Sean Duffy, who wants to blame the failure of Trump’s legislative budget so far on Senate rules that barely even apply to the legislation in question. > New York Magazine