AG Schimel: Wisconsin crime labs unable to keep up with evidence testing

Wisconsin’s criminal evidence-testing labs labs received nearly 16,000 cases last year, a 21 percent increase from the previous year. Even after he took steps last year to address the growing pile of unfinished tests, Schimel now believes he will need to ask lawmakers for additional money to hire more lab workers. > Appleton Post Crescent

How Walker’s new welfare reforms could impact Wisconsinites who are struggling

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This week, Governor Scott Walker signed nine bills of his welfare reform package into law. The bills range from adding drug screens for people on welfare to prohibiting food stamps to people who own a vehicle worth more than $20,000. > WEAU-TV Eau Claire

867,000 ways the Walker administration is wrong on drug testing


In Madison365, state Sen. Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) writes: “By now, it should be a no-brainer. Spending scarce state resources to drug test Food Share recipients is neither fiscally responsible nor morally right. Yet Gov. Walker has requested a waiver from the Trump administration to proceed and feels he may have found a way around the federal prohibitions.

Walker challenger Matt Flynn slams initiative to drug test food stamp recipients


Intrusive, wasteful and offensive is what Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn said about Gov. Scott Walker’s announcement that Wisconsin will drug test food stamp recipients. “I condemn this in the strongest terms,” Flynn said, and laying out three arguments against it. >

Wisconsin approves drug testing for food stamps but needs Trump to allow it


Gov. Scott Walker is moving forward on a program that will drug test some food stamp and welfare recipients. It’s unclear whether the federal government will allow the measure to go into effect, and it may need a change in federal law. > The Daily Caller

Walker moving forward with drug testing some food stamp recipients


Gov. Scott Walker is moving forward with an effort to drug test some food stamp recipients, with testing expected to begin in as little as a year absent action from lawmakers or the federal government. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Walker administration moves closer to drug testing food stamp recipients


Wisconsin has taken another step toward implementing drug testing for able-bodied, childless food stamp recipients., with the state Department of Health Services announcing Friday that it has submitted its plans to Gov. Walker’s office to create the new policy. > Wisconsin Public Radio