Walker administration moves closer to drug testing food stamp recipients


Wisconsin has taken another step toward implementing drug testing for able-bodied, childless food stamp recipients., with the state Department of Health Services announcing Friday that it has submitted its plans to Gov. Walker’s office to create the new policy. > Wisconsin Public Radio

NY Times on why we shouldn’t drug test poor people


If Gov. Scott Walker gets his wish, Wisconsin will be the first state that requires adults without children to undergo drug testing if they want to receive Medicaid. Other states could follow his plan. Of all the ways to help Americans with drug problems, threatening their Medicaid eligibility is among the worst options. > New York Times

Records show minuscule registered support for Walker’s drug testing plan

0.5 percent

An Associated Press review has found that Gov. Walker’s proposal to drug-test Medicaid recipients and increase premiums on poor people drew five fully positive comments out of more than 1,000 submitted by the public, with one of the five coming from his own lieutenant governor. > AP News / Beloit Daily News

Walker submits plan to Trump to become first state to drug screen some Medicaid enrollees


Gov. Walker on Wednesday asked President Trump’s administration to let Wisconsin become the first state to require drug screening for poor, childless adults who seek Medicaid, as well as impose a time limit on coverage unless they work. Walker’s initial plan was softened, however, in response to public comments. > Wisconsin State Journal

Nygren says Medicaid drug testing could be helpful


Having spearheaded laws to address opioid addiction, Rep. John Nygren (R-Marinette) supports Gov. Walker’s proposal to drug test those on Medicaid, saying he believes it can help address widespread addiction in the state. But he feels it needs to “be done right”, and be presented to the budget committee for a vote. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Gazette opinion: Drug testing for BadgerCare makes sense


Critics are accusing Gov. Walker of being heartless by asking the poor to be screened for illegal drug use as a condition of enrolling in BadgerCare. In reality, Walker is building on Wisconsin’s legacy as a leader in welfare reform and helping the poor break the cycle of dependency, both on drugs and public assistance. > Janesville Gazette

Budget committee approves drug testing for more public benefit recipients


Participants in some work experience programs are already required to undergo drug screening and testing in order to preserve their eligibility. But a proposal approved this week by the Republican-led budget committee expands that requirement to three more employment programs administered by Wisconsin Works, the state’s replacement for welfare. > The Cap Times