Concerned about elder abuse, states loan out secret cameras

Wisconsin is taking a radical step to curb elder abuse and get reliable evidence for prosecutions — handing out free surveillance cameras to family members so they can secretly record caregivers suspected of hurting their loved ones. > AP News

DOJ reverses course on CBD oil

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AG Brad Schimel’s office now says it’s okay for authorized industrial hemp farmers to process it into cannabidiol, or CBD, oil. The stance represents a reversal from a DOJ memo sent last month that said only doctors and pharmacies can distribute the oil and people can possess it only with a doctor’s certification. > ABC 27 Madison

Newly revealed misconduct complaints within DOJ include groping, spying, harrassing

According to newly released documents, at least seven Wisconsin Department of Justice employees have been accused of sexual misconduct since 2014, including a lawyer who was stripped of his leadership position but kept on staff after a coworker said he repeatedly harassed her. > Appleton Post Crescent

Farm bureau plans to meet with state Justice Department on CBD


Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation officials plan to meet with the state Justice Department to discuss the agency’s stance that hemp farmers can’t produce CBD oil, even though Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill in November allowing farmers to grow industrial hemp. > AP News

Walker asks lawmakers for solution to CBD oil impasse

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Gov. Scott Walker said he wants lawmakers to consider a solution to allow CBD oil to be manufactured in the state because of the health benefits. This comes one day after the Wisconsin Farm Bureau raised concerns over the DOJ’s move to block farmers from growing industrial hemp for CBD oil purposes. > WKOW-TV Madison

DOJ issues warning on sale and possession of CBD oil, upsetting hemp farmers

When the Wisconsin DOJ recently advised law enforcement agencies and the public that a medicinal oil derived from marijuana and hemp is still illegal, despite laws passed in recent years legalizing its use in limited circumstances, the announcement caught many Wisconsin hemp farmers off-guard. > Wisconsin State Journal

Wisconsin launches school safety grant program, cites strong early interest


The state Department of Justice said Tuesday at least two-thirds of Wisconsin schools showed early interest in a $100 million grant program aimed at helping schools increase security. Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill to create the grant program last month, authorizing the spending and a new Office of School Safety within the DOJ. > Wisconsin Public Radio