Wisconsin Supreme Court will take case over Evers’ powers


The Wisconsin Supreme Court announced it will hear a case that challenges the independence of state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers, who is running for the Democratic nomination for governor. The May 15 arguments will be held before Justice-elect Rebecca Dallet’s swearing in trims the court’s conservative majority to 4-3. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Walker’s claim of Holder making Supreme Court race ‘highly partisan’ ignores GOP’s role


Is Barack Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, to blame for making the state’s pivotal Supreme Court campaign “highly partisan”? Gov. Scott Walker raised the issue after Judge Rebecca Dallet, who was backed by liberals, won election to the high court. PolitiFact Wisconsin checks his claim.

Duffy challenger Frenette raises $250k in first weeks of campaigning


In six weeks since launching his campaign, Democratic candidate Kyle Frenette received more than 700 individual contributions totaling over $250k. Frenette’s fundraising success, coupled with a recent victory of Judge Rebecca Dallet to the State Supreme Court, reportedly prompted Rep. Sean Duffy to schedule a series of town halls in his district last week. > Artvoice

Women dominate the state Supreme Court, but gender parity a long way off for other Wisconsin offices

When Rebecca Dallet was elected to the Wisconsin Supreme Court last week, she gave Wisconsin the honor of having the highest percentage of women on a state Supreme Court, with six out of seven justices being female. But other state offices haven’t reached representation parity with men. > Cap Times

UW-Madison professor explains what a Wisconsin #bluewave could look like


Last week’s election results for the state Supreme Court led to a deluge of analysis about what it means for the fall general election and whether a #bluewave is really on the horizon. The Cap Times spoke to UW-Madison professor David Canon, who studies Wisconsin politics and campaigns, about the election and what might be ahead.

Thompson says Walker might have tough re-election bid


Speaking in Wausau Wednesday night, former Governor Tommy Thompson says he was not surprised to see Rebecca Dallet win the Wisconsin Supreme Court race on Tuesday, and that he believes Gov. Scott Walker will have a tough road to re-election this fall, like all Republicans will. > WXPR Rhinelander