Dairy group bridles at first ‘targeted’ rule to protect drinking water from manure


After more than a decade of citizen complaints about unsafe drinking water and years of pressure from the federal government, Wisconsin may tighten controls on dairy manure disposal in places where water is most susceptible to health-threatening contamination. The state hasn’t previously created different standards for farmers in different parts of the state. > Wisconsin State Journal

Wisconsin manufacturers, farmers and labor unions have much at stake with NAFTA negotiations


Wisconsin manufacturers, farmers and labor unions are closely watching President Trump’s efforts to renegotiate NAFTA with Mexico and Canada. The U.S. has never tried to rewrite a major trade agreement, so analysts aren’t sure what will emerge from the talks, but many people in agriculture are concerned about losing what they have. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Let’s take a time out on factory farms


From the Sustain Rural Wisconsin Network: “It’s time to put citizens’ rights before Gov.  Walker’s “open for business” mantra. Our rural communities and family farms are in the crosshairs of an expanding and increasingly powerful large-scale agricultural industry, and the harm CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations) cause continues to mount across Wisconsin. > Cap Times

State scores dairy trifecta — but Wisconsin farmers and residents don’t win


Among the “wins” Wisconsin officials count in the state dairy industry are increased milk production, a perfect string of new CAFO approvals (concentrated animal feeding operations, or “factory farms”), and a doubling of high-capacity wells. But a Kewaunee County Board supervisor asks the farmers if they call these wins. > The Cap Times

Immigrants put America’s Dairyland, Trump in rearview mirror


Some Wisconsin dairy farm owners are seeing workers pack up their families and move back to Mexico. One farm owner remarks it’s like “The Grapes of Wrath,” only this time, in reverse: The migrants are leaving a land abundant with economic opportunity for an uncertain future in their homeland. > La Crosse Tribune

Why Tammy Baldwin has declared war on almond milk


Plant-based beverages called milk are a major sore spot for dairy farmers in Wisconsin, where Trump swept up 70 percent of the rural vote. Baldwin has introduced a bill banning the nontraditional drinks from being labeled “milk” — one of several rural issues Baldwin and fellow Democratic senators have championed early and often this year. > Politico

Huff Post: Wisconsin shows us what a future with hobbled EPA could look like


With it looking like rural Kewaunee County’s enormous cow population is polluting private wells, residents are eager to solve a problem that’s been with them for years. The fact that they’re still waiting may warn about what’s to come if an already underfunded EPA gets hit with budget cuts from a hostile president. > HuffPost