Walker takes more aggressive tone in ad accusing Evers of wanting ‘special treatment for illegals’

Gov. Scott Walker is attacking his Democratic challenger Tony Evers in a new ad launched Tuesday. The ad concludes with the tagline “Tony Evers: Special treatment for illegals, higher taxes for you.”  > Cap Times

Vukmir advocates for ‘the wall’ in Racine visit


Vukmir has traveled to each of Wisconsin’s 72 counties, and says a major issue among voters has been immigration reform, “particularly building that wall.” When visiting volunteers and supporters at the Racine County field office Thursday, Vukmir responded to a question about her stance on DACA with: “build the wall.” > Racine Journal Times

Dems say Ryan is ‘sole impediment’ to a DACA deal


Paul Ryan has repeatedly promised action on legislation to shore up the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which President Trump is seeking to dismantle. But no bill has yet reached the floor, and with November’s midterm elections inching closer, the prospects of a DACA fix this year are growing dimmer. > The Hill

Veracious ad campaign targeting Ryan’s DACA stance encourages voter action


iAmerica Action, an immigration reform advocacy group, has launched new ad campaigns across the nation. In Wisconsin alone, they have put out ads in 27 districts targeting Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. > Badger Herald

How immigration could help vulnerable Dems in Trump states

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Most voters in 9 of the 10 Trump states with Democratic senators up for reelection – including Wisconsin – support DACA protections for immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children, according to new Axios polls. It’s potentially significant because most Americans blame Republicans more than Democrats for not finding a solution to protect “Dreamers.”

Immigration reform group to target Paul Ryan, House Republicans on DACA debate


An immigration reform advocacy group will target House Speaker Paul Ryan and 26 other Republican members of Congress with a six-figure digital ad campaign starting this week. > Cap Times

Ryan struggles on Dreamers as GOP fractures


Paul Ryan is struggling for a game plan on immigration — and staring down a conservative backlash if he makes the wrong step. While Ryan is under increasing pressure from the hard-liner Freedom Caucus to put a conservative Dreamer solution on the House floor, moderates are expected to balk at such a proposal. > POLITICO