Two Democratic gubernatorial candidates drop out


Liberal talk radio host Mike Crute announced Monday that he’s ending his longshot run for governor, a month after he warned that anyone who didn’t take his candidacy seriously did so “at their own peril.” Jeffrey Rumbaugh, a crisis response worker in Madison, also announced he was ending his campaign. > Wisconsin State Journal

Large field of governor candidates worries some Dems, emboldens others

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As the candidates search for ways to separate themselves from the pack four months ahead of the August primary, some Democratic insiders aren’t pleased by the double-digit number of contenders — but others say the continued interest in running is just a sign of strong tailwinds for Democrats going into November. > Cap Times

Mike Crute’s gubernatorial campaign: A gimmick even Trump could appreciate

One has to give Mike Crute credit for sheer audacity. To date, he has cajoled other Dems to buy ads on his liberal radio station to promote their own campaigns — money that could indirectly subsidize his own campaign. For a broadcaster who routinely savages President Trump, Crute’s maneuver is downright Trumpian. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Crute, Gronik make their cases for governor on Sunday TV

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There may be a blue wave, but as Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andy Gronik put it Sunday, “it’s important that people appreciate it’s not going to carry just any old candidate across the finish line.” You can read about Gronik’s and new candidate Mike Crute’s appearance on “Capital City Sunday” at the Cap Times.

Crute releases gubernatorial launch video: ‘We’re All Badgers’

Newly announced Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Crute released his campaign launch video today. In “We’re All Badgers”, the liberal radio show host describes his Wisconsin story, and explains why politics has become so personal for him. > Urban Milwaukee

Already large Democratic field for governor now one contender larger


The already large field of Democratic candidates for governor grew by one on Tuesday, with liberal talk radio host Mike Crute announcing on his Devil’s Advocates radio show that he intends to run, saying anyone who doesn’t take him seriously does so “at their own peril.” > AP News