Climate change is here: Wisconsin is seeing earlier springs, later falls, less snow and more floods


In 2012, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s updated map of Wisconsin plant hardiness zones marked a sea change. It was a visible testament that the federal government had accepted what scientists have been saying for decades: The climate is, in fact, changing. > Cap Times

Native American leaders meet in Milwaukee, push for climate action


Native American leaders meeting in Milwaukee this week at the convention of the National Congress of American Indians are asking the Trump administration to do more to combat climate change. Their call for change comes days after the Trump administration signed a rule to rollback the Clean Power Plan. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Appleton council to consider climate change proposal


Appleton aldermen may dip their toes into some partisan politics this week — something not often seen under the nonpartisan local government structure there — as they debate whether to create a climate change board and follow the Paris agreement on climate change. > Appleton Post-Crescent

Retired DNR scientists organizing to increase public information on environmental issues


A group of retired environmental scientists are organizing this weekend to improve public outreach on environmental issues in light of cuts to the DNR and the UW System. Wisconsin Green Fire is a group of retired DNR and UW scientists who feel Gov. Walker and Republican lawmakers are limiting public access to environmental research. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Mayor Barrett aims for ‘loud and clear message’ on Milwaukee’s commitment to fight climate change


President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord last month has mobilized the Climate Mayors, a group of more than 300 mayors who’ve committed to uphold the climate agreement and intensify efforts to combat climate change at the local level. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is one of them. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Eau Claire City Council passes resolution supporting Paris Climate Agreement


The Eau Claire City Council voted this week night to support the Paris climate agreement after President Donald Trump withdrew from it earlier this month. Municipalities can’t officially sign on to the agreement, but they can support it. In a 7-4, the council pledged to commit the city to sustainable, green energy goals. > Wisconsin Public Radio